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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Displaying Paintings Online Art Galleries Seven Simple Tips for Artists

Artists from every genre will agree that it is very important for every artist to visit art galleries, meet artists , have creative discussions on art and art techniques and of course keep creating art. I have been painting since more than a decade and have met artists in person many years back and this was a refreshing experience to meet an artist and attend their exhibition of artworks and paintings. Not only can we see the paintings, we feel them , we smell and also experience them in a personal visit to an art gallery. You come in direct contact with the person who has created this artwork and then of course if you like the painting there are sales. this is what I learned from personally meeting an artist. the paintings are only one aspect of the conversation if you as an artist are interested in selling your paintings.
Visit to  Art Gallery  Mrs. Rizwana AbdulMubeen Mundewadi
Moving with the trends and displaying artworks online it becomes difficult to meet art collectors and buyers of your art directly. With art galleries spaced out far away and the time and energy required to travel and of course the hectic schedules of transporting your paintings with care during an exhibition, all are a part of every artists life. Internet and online galleries have broken this shell. Many artists, even myself, prefer to display art online galleries and conserve the energy for painting. After having successfully displayed paintings for more than a decade on various online art galleries I have few simple display suggestions and tips for other fellow artists.
Tips for artists to successfully display paintings on online art galleries-
Select your best works , by this I mean the paintings that are complete, in good condition, and what you love to show the world,  according to you, as best is a very relative term and has different meanings for different artists.
1- Good photography is a plus point to display your paintings with the most good colour and sharpness, most near to real work. The more clarity in your art photos the more easier it is for buyers to see your artwork, details and create interest, Blurred images online repel viewers and may even drive away a prospective buyer.
2- Select few paintings first and try to learn the internet display technicalities. The choices , the backgrounds and all the options the online art gallery offers you for displaying your art. It is important to view how your paintings look online. So that you can change for better style and improve either your photography or your display options in the beginning. Imaging uploading 20 paintings and then having to edit them all!
3- Keep time at hand when displaying and uploading artworks. This all artists will agree that it takes time to upload and the whole process is some time consuming. and not just a click. You have to upload images, fill up the right details , for this keep the painting in front of you while uploading, this works best for me and saves quiet a lot of time.
4- It is advisable to give the correct  measurements of the painting, avoiding the unpainted area, blurred areas and reasonable borders kept aside for framing, only the complete painting must be visible , this is especially important if  you are a selling artist who sells paintings per inch or according to size. Keep a reasonable border area and then give the measurements of your paintings.
5- Medium in which you have painted is a very important aspect which needs clarification when displaying paintings online. Every  online art gallery has a website which has many options which the artist while uploading paintings or artworks has to select. You may be an oil painter, a water colour artist or a mixed media artist doing collages or murals.
6- Sometime you may find difficulty in selecting any option, maybe you wish to give more importance to your painting theme, your topic or your art painting technique.  All this can be explained in the option given for description. You may describe your art technique, the process of painting and how you got the inspiration for this particular artwork. It is very important that you communicate well here as this is the only contact you have with the buyers and art collectors,and they will read the following and only then relate well to your paintings.
7- Be online and develop contacts, send emails to collectors and buyers often or consider any options your online art gallery offers, free or paid for marketing your artworks so that they reach as many people as possible. Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, My Space and many online social networking sites help artists to promote their art online. The viewing of paintings is very important for the sales meter to run up. For any online artist the viewership is most important , that is to reach many people, out of which few maybe interested in your paintings and a selected few may buy .

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