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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Soothing Healing Feng Shui Paintings For Bedroom Marriage Luck

Original Healing Symbolic Feng Shui painting by Rizwana A
 Healing feng shui paintings can be used as cures for many problems. With space crunch nowadays people prefer to hang a beautiful painting on the wall which can act as a marriage luck cure and also beautify your home. My latest artworks are few paintings done on oil sketch paper which are specially for the bedroom and for couples who wish to bring love and happiness and give strength to their existing relationship and married life. Also single people who are struggling to find the right partner or to attract marriage luck can benefit for this feng shui artwork.
Double Happiness Chinese Symbol healing painting by Rizwana A.
My healing paintings are at present symbolic representations of feng shui, Reiki and auspicious symbols of Buddhism along with Chinese calligraphy. i use symbols to send healing energies to the viewers and of course to attract wealth, money, career, education and marriage luck along with any other problems that you may be facing , your are free to send a query and I will personally answer it.
It is very important to understand bedroom feng shui before selecting any painting for your bedroom.It is important whether you are married or single and waiting for the right partner that energy in bedroom has to be balanced with yin and yang. Having too low energy, too much yin passive energy is not good and also too much strong active energy will drive away yin energy , females will repel entering your home, so much for marriage luck!.
Soothing paintings of couples and birds are best to improve chi and for bedroom feng shui. You can promote marriage luck through feng shui by hanging paintings of two vases, two birds or swans, the most important thing to avoid is never place objects or paintings that indicate single energy. Like a dried single tree, a lonely single person on the quiet road, one bird or a lonely cat or dog, all these give message to the universe about being single and alone which is what you would not want when trying for finding the right partner.Have side tables and other objects in pairs to promote happiness and love between the couple.

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