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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Selecting artworks for our homes

Each of us wishes to purchase art and display in our homes as this has become a status symbol. Easy availability of artworks and reasonable prices have made art affordable and it can be bought by even the middle class. Art prints are much cheaper than the original art works and look the same as the originals when framed.
The most difficult question is how to select art? we all have certain tastes and likes and dislikes. Some prefer cool colour scheme and others like reds and oranges to spice up their energy levels. The area available int he home or where the artwork is to be displayed is most important factor in selecting art. A large wall can accommodate large artworks but a small wall a big painting will be a totally misfit. Also consider the total decor of the room and the colours on the walls. Then select paintings either to go in harmony with these colours or contrast to create a focal point in the living room. It is also advisable to consider our personal choices and likes. Most of the time we are pushed into buying art of very famous artists. We shell out a lot of money only to find that we are not comfortable with the artworks.  Hence it is better to consider what colours we prefer and what topics we are comfortable with. I have seen a person who purchased a costly artwork of a famous artist just to show off to this friends. On displaying this artwork he felt restless as the colours we too bright and higher side of the energy level. This person was more comfortable with pastels and symbolic themes  and he should have considered landscapes and soothing colour symbolic paintings.
Here the art consultants come in handy. They guide you and converse about your tastes and budget for purchasing artworks and paintings. A good consultant will not lead you to undue purchases of artworks just because they are costly but will consider your tastes and preferences before choosing any painting. Lots of conversations and time is put in by a good consultant to help you make a better purchase and be happy with the selection of your paintings.

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