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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Benefit by healing Painting for group of children or adults in schools or organizations/ work places

Healing art can be used for benefit of schools and educational institutions and large organizations. You can also give reiki energy by paintings to a group of children or adults in schools or organizations/ work places. Symbolic paintings help to give out energy to everyone viewing them and those surrounded by symbols. Group reiki is also an effective way of healing as all members of the group are connected and can get an refreshing experience of energy flow. This also helps to remove all the blockages faster and removes negativity. All members can experience the flow of energy and get healed together along with the individual who has put up the painting. The healing artists are just channels to transmit energy and a detached healer can give best results in any disease or problems. People getting reiki healing are better bosses and well future planners which is very important for success in any job or business.
Healing art attracts positive energy for children to focus better on studies, improve grades, excel in academic as well creative talents and also improve manners and behaviours. 
Motivational Painting " Touching The Sky" for Goodluck growth and Prosperity oil on paper

Academic institutions and large educational organizations can get paintings for nominal transport charges and concessional rates, for concessions enquire at
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