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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

M F Hussain 100th Birthday, Happy Birthday Sir, M F Hussain, with Love September 17

Maqbool Fida Hussain, a modernist, painter and film maker, passionate and world renowned international acclaimed, and the founding member of The Progressive Artists Group of Bombay. Tomorrow we celebrate his Hundred Years Birthday,  a Great Artist in the World and History of arts.
He came to be known as a very successful artist and had begun from  humble beginnings with art,  17th September- 9 June 2011. His modern paintings were in his cubism style and when they were always with great message and his emotional expressions. He was often referred as The Picasso of India, according to Forbes Magazine, and has a great number , nearly twenty thousand and more paintings to his artists career.
Happy Birthday Sir M F Hussain 
A self taught artist Hussain  began his career painting hoardings and posters for cinemas , and also worked in a toy company for supporting his art career.He is known through out the world for his art, his presentations and expressions of art. No wonder guests from all over the  world coming to India were gifted an original of Hussain , a precious gift!
One of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century Hussain in his art depicted many topics from Ramamyana, Mahabharat, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and of course his later works , controversial one that depicted religious deities. He was most famous for his horses, which he expressed as Hazrat Ali’s horses and would obsessively paint horses. He had not only done beautiful large numbers of paintings, he also expressed in films and his first film ‘Through the eyes of a painter”  was shown at Berlin Film Festival and won Golden Bear Short Film Award.
He died at the age of 95. He has to his credit not only oil paintings but also sketches , drawings. His art was a blend of cubism and classical Indian styles.
Famous  works include, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Between the Spider and the Lamp, British Raj, Mother India, Bharat Mata, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Maidens Flight, Gaja Gamini.
Beautiful horses, leaping horse, flying horse,  Ardha nareshwar, Gandhi and Buddha,
For his dedication and great artworks he is and will always remain as one of  the Greatest artists of International acclaim in the world. And his art will always find a prominent mention in the history of Art!
September 17th 2015 the world celebrates his 100th Birthday, Happy Birthday Sir, M F Hussain,  with Love!

God Bless from Rizwana!

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