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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Child's Play Making Abstracts Why Artists Choose to Make Abstract Symbolic Paintings

Overflowing Pot, symbolic abstract oil painting on paper by Rizwana
Making  abstracts is child's play, very often heard this statement , usually from people who do not know about art, beauty and aesthetics, and do not even try to  understand this. With art taking its place in every home today people are opening up to the concept of bringing beauty in their home, their hearts and their lives.
While abstract painting has to do more with art styles,  painting techniques and selection of colors people often wonder why artists choose to make abstract art, when they have so many options, like nature floral painting, landscape painting, still life, cubism geometric , fantasy, pop art, portraits etc.which sell faster and also bring good price.
Untitled oil painting by rizwana
 Painting abstracts  is no child's play it is much much more than the blob of  color you see or the strokes made on the layering of paint on the vast whiteness of the canvas.
Spiritual abstract painting by rizwana
Total symbolic spiritual abstracts painted in year 2001 till a few years I have immensely enjoyed making this first step towards abstraction. So while I loved the flow of positive energy in these abstract artworks the collection just went on and on till approximately 250 abstract spiritual works on paper!  The freedom to choose color, the freedom to lay color  right from the tubes, the twisting and turning of paper, and emergence of beauty, an abstract art.
As  I notice the collection today these seem an connection with hidden shapes, hidden symbols,  colorful energy vibrations . Now the works have much more focus and refined works ,  think my art has gone the other way from abstraction towards form. The journey so far has been enriching and have enjoyed every piece of making art.
Here a few  randomly selected abstract symbolic paintings done on paper using oil paints.
Untitled Symbolic abstract oil painting on paper
 It is the abandon of all barriers which allows the artist total freedom to paint. Some artists meditate and then imagine the forms and then begin painting abstract. Then there are some who try out different painting styles and techniques, the layering as in color field painting, the use of objects, stamping, use of sponge, use of geometric instruments and in fact just about any way to make a new original piece of art, what we call, abstract art. Scribbling is art, lines are art, object painting, stamping is art, scratching paints is art, there are immense possibilities  in abstract art, leading to a temporary halt,  result,  a beautiful work of abstract art.
Spiritual abstract painting
 The difference between a child's art and an evolved artists' abstract art, is the choice, selection, thought  processes, and emotions behind the use of color, technique and making of an abstract art painting. Some artists paint listening to music, some inspired by poems, songs, books paint abstract symbolic art as an expression extension of this  ideas and emotions.
Abstract Untitled Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 One thing I agree is common between child's art and an evolved artists art, the abandon  , freedom of painting, this is the same, an abstract artist very often regresses to the original true nature of every human being , that is innocence, love and compassion, which is visible in their abstract symbolic spiritual art. While a child paints for personal happiness so does the abstract artist make art, not bothering about the sequence of the color flow, the choice of colors, or the end result, it is the process, the journey that is enjoyable and here the destination is not important.
While a child who does not know that a circle has to be perfect round, a square has to have even four corners,  an abstract artist after studying, practicing so much art and having knowledge , evolved so much in life experiences, has to come to terms with total abandon, erase the information learned,  and paint these beautiful sacred shapes, with pure innocence.
Artists choose to make abstract art after evolving, after practicing , after breaking free from the physical forms and then leading towards abstraction. There is a lot of hard work involved before reaching this spiritual enlightened stage. As our eyes view abstract paintings each one tries to find out meanings, interpret that abstract painting, and believe me  it is always different, for different viewers, that's the magic of abstract art.
Spiritual   abstract oil painting

Symbolic abstract oil painting on paper by Raz

Spiritual abstract oil painting on paper by Rizwana
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

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