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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Abstract Sold, Why Abstracts are Selling Fast Understanding Abstract Paintings

Abstracts are selling fast, not because of the price or size but because people are understanding and loving colors and the fantasy, hidden meanings, symbolism in abstracts. While a bold red abstract takes a prominent place on a huge white wall in the corporate meeting room, only this is sufficient for the decor and energy of the whole room.
Focus by interior designers on more of contemporary style themes , paintings are an important part of any decor. While people used to buy landscapes , always on the top selling paintings list, with importance on feng shui and simple life style, abstracts are coming up as fast selling works.
Color laying, color brushing, and different techniques using color paints brings out a magical result laid on canvasses. Understanding abstracts was quite a fill and people,  art lovers would shy away from abstracts as lay people would just say it is painted like a child or simple color and it becomes difficult to command higher prices for an abstract painting.
The Red Dot Symbolic Abstract Oil on Oil Sketch paper, US$699 in galleries, Year 2003

Freedom , year 2000 Oil on Canvas Framed

Destiny Geometric Cubism Abstract Painting Oil on Oil Sketch Paper Year 2005,  Price US $ 1000

Cubism Abstract First Abstracts Set of Five Year 2000 on Linen

Abstract Symbolic Still Life SOLD
Spiritual abstracts , symbolic abstracts look good and bring about feelings of peace and the colors used are chosen judiciously to make an art statement. With energy colors red, orange and stability colors like brown and cream, blue being a spiritual color purple a rich color representing royalty,  my favorite colors golden the ultimate color my symbolic spiritual works lay lots of importance on color symbolism.
Abstract Painting SOLD, Year 2005Why abstracts are selling fast
When art lovers and art buyers love to buy abstract paintings , usually the choice of paintings is done by the color combinations in the artwork. When I have spoken to people,  their choice while buying abstract art, is on physical colors and of course the main concept and emotions behind the making of an artwork.
An abstract artist has a tough time sometimes in explaining the processes and thoughts behind the making  of an  artwork, especially with color field painting technique,  where the paintings at a glance look like total red or orange or strands stripes of colors. While people and art lovers are now opening up on buying abstract art more and more interior designers are opting for abstracts as they blend into any themed  decor. Contemporary style  designs and lifestyle furniture along with modern abstract art  are the in thing and hence more and more abstracts are selling fast.
Symbolic abstracts have also found a way into hotels and as these paintings lay more emphasis  on colors and textures they can go along with any decor and walls.
Abstract paintings give the viewer a pleasant trip to another level of realm. The fantasy aspect in an abstract work is the greatest USP of any abstract. Each viewer views the abstract painting differently and we can get many many explanations of the same painting by different viewers.
While each individual views and experiences  symbolic spiritual abstracts differently this is also affected by their upbringing and the environment, socio economic strata they come from. It feels great when art lovers view the paintings and see the many images and pictures which were  not put there intentionally by the abstract artist. The best part comes when an abstract art piece becomes a point of conversation and discussion, with every person putting their point forward.
An abstract artist paints using various techniques in painting, with brush, spray, scratching technique,  end tip of brush, cloth, sponge, combs, geometrical instruments, paint knives, and even fingers!direct contact with skin, paint flows  almost like second skin and makes  beautiful fantasy forms on the canvas.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art... I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
You may view some more of my art here, Take Care and God Bless!
Absolute Arts
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