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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yin Yang Paintings Symbolism Meaning Why Buy Yin Yang paintings

Yin yang paintings and the symbol of Yin Yang is seen in paintings , materials , dresses scarfs, T shirts and even as tattoos. This Tao symbol of Tibetan origin is universally accepted as representing the two energies Yin, that is female and Yang that is male.
It is believed that every individual , everything, every object is  made up of tow   types of energies, active and passive. Colors representing these two types of energies when used in any painting  bring out harmony and well being. Every home and office must be a combination of two types of energies to bring harmony and good luck.
Male energy, the Yang energy is represented by energy colors  like vibrant, bright, shiny, colors of reds,oranges, yellows and golds! Female energy, Yin energy is represented by colors that are more darker, passive in energy, black, dark reds blues, purples etc.
Any energy in different levels makes the individual and the family environment in imbalance which is seen in ill health and restlessness anger.
For us to understand the Yin yang aspect of every object we must find out what response our senses are giving out for a particular color or object. When we wear a red dress or see red we feel energetic and alive whereas the same dress in grey turns our mood sober and toned down. Try being near vibrant yellow red gold cushions and  then dull brown black ones you will immediately feel the difference in energy.
Every home must reflect the energy of the inmates.  When one loves sober neutral colors go in for minimum vibrant highlights in room in form of paintings , cushions, plants, upholstery or knick knacks. Too much color will harm the chi of the room. In offices, board rooms and hotels,  where more energy is required add a touch of vibrancy in form of colorful symbolic or geometric paintings.
Yin Yang representing two type of energy forces the symbol always has the darker Yin pulling down energy and the Yang white, pulling upward direction of energy.
While Yin Yang paintings have taken a much creative turn we see paintings done in many different sizes, colors and images painting techniques of Yin Yang paintings.

Floating Treasures Big Size Symbolic painting on Canvas

Yin Yang Symbol Small Oil Painting on Canvas
The Midas Star Reiki Feng Shui Oil Painting on Paper

Spiritual Gateway Symbolic painting on canvas Framed in wooden frame

Yin Yang Symbol Small Painting on Canvas
Why buy Yin Yang painting when you can get a print out very cheap or the symbol in any form?  Here comes the difference between any image or poster of Yin and Yang and an original healing painting of Yin and Yang symbol. The energy put in the healing artwork by the healing symbolic artist, the colors used by the artist and their personal energy all in all make this beautiful Yin Yang symbol painting power packed with loads of positive energy and thus balance the environment where this Yin Yang painting is hung. The intentions of the artist will flow in all directions and thus make this a beautiful artwork to be displayed in any place to uplift and balance energy.
Complete Happiness
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.


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    1. WOW! Such an Awesum Artists Ramya, loved your art! Great figurative art! All the Best Ramya!


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