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Thursday, October 3, 2013

White and Black the Magic of Simple Black and White Paintings Drawings Symbolism in White and Black

White and Black , only two colors, simple black and white pencil drawings, pen drawings and sketches have a beauty of their own. Not only does making sketches and drawings require refined hand control but also a lot of experience and though I am not very good at this during the process of understanding  myself there have come up a few good drawings and pencil skecthes.
Be it a process of personal discovery, a process of emerging with personal style or a soul searching pathway towards the spiritual path of enlightenment, these simple drawings have a beauty and simplicity of their own.
White of the original paper, the emptiness that emerges as form when it is touched by black pencil or charcoal, is just like giving life to the lifeless emptiness of the white. The paper itself on no value just emerges as an prized piece of art when touched by the artist. While portrait artists do loads of hard work in getting the portrait drawing right the effort really works magic, catching the expressions on face, the eyes, on paper with such a limited palette, white and black.
White and black two very very powerful colors in the whole color filed have immense symbolism.  As in feng shui we see these  two colors having strong powerful energy of the Yin and the Yang. The universal Tibetan Tao symbol of Yin and Yang, seen around the globe in so many different forms,  is a sure great example of this white and black color symbolism. Black represents Yin , passive, negative, downward energy force. The other color white represent active, upward growth ,  white with its aura of beauty and peace sure is enough to bring in lots of positive energy.
Good luck Ship of Prosperity Pencil Drawing on Paper by Rizwana

Spiritual Habitat Pencil Drawing

Prized Possessions Pencil drawing Series by rizwana

Prized Possessions Pencil drawing Series by rizwana

Prized Possessions Pencil drawing Series by rizwana

Trans Connection with Guides, a spiritual pen drawing by Razarts

Trans Connection with Guides, a spiritual pen drawing by Razarts

Meerabai Eternal pen Drawing Series

Spiritual Symbolic Pencil Sketch

Symbolic Pen drawing on Paper

Pencil drawing white and black on paper

Pencil Drawing on paper
Pencil Drawing on paper

Enchanting Kerala pencil drawing
Pen Drawing Mira Bai Eternal
Water color white and black painting
Pencil drawings, pencil sketches are what every artist does try at sometime or other  of their career, maybe a process of learning art or trying different styles in painting to discover their signature style. 
Pencil sketches and pen drawings also sell fast as they are reasonably priced and affordable.
Charcoal drawings give freedom to express with this simple medium  of limited palette and white along with black brings out  the hidden beauty on the paper.
Simple drawing on paper
While artists specializing in drawings and sketches churn out very refined pencil artworks this is more than quite difficult as seen to the eye. Some tips for drawing neatly with pencil - 1)keep an good eraser and white muslin cloth handy  to erase any mistakes in drawings.2)  Keep your  hand steady a big ruler or stick helps here or keep a box or table edge,  for supporting your hand so that your hand does not touch the drawed  part.3) Practice Practice and Practice,pencil sketches portraits and drawings need lots of practice.
Pencil drawing on paper  white and black
While drawing pencil sketches one has to be very very careful as the black of lead charcoal may spoil the whole artwork. So many different numbers of pencils are used in making pencil drawings and artworks and each with its size brings out a different look to the drawings. Shading is an important part of every drawing as it provides the much needed texture to the white and black art.
There are some artists who make huge pencil charcoal works done on large papers, and the spiritual works look great when framed. When hung on any colored walls or white walls they sure bring another magical level of serenity and aura to the place.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
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