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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Pink wall Symbolism How to use Colour Pink in Feng shui Where to avoid Pink

Pink Healing Art 

Love, happiness and relationship sector in feng shui can be easily activated by colours and what better than to choose the best colour representing love, PINK! Pink wall, Pink Art, Pink decor all in a way helps to activate the bedroom feng shui and is also trendy. Pink is seen in so many shades and hues and what one sees today in latest decor trends is a lot of rose pink and fluorescent pinks are making way into every home in some way or other.
Love Pink Wall
Symbolism of Pink wall-
Of course it is great! Pink is the colour that brings love and healing energy. Rose quartz is the stone that helps heal the heart chakra and thus pink in any form brings in beautiful romance and love energy. Pink has come into modern decor from being chosen the Pantone colour of the year 2016 along with Serenity and since then has never left its place and is seen in many forms especially alls and wall art.
Modern Pink Healing art
For best feng shui energy if you are not so much in love with complete pink rooms and pink walls make a single pink wall with beautiful pink art. Choose here the corresponding  feng shui sector following the Ba Gua elements theory, south west, this will activate marital luck, marital happiness, improved relationships and at ease with females. Especially for working females that are leaders , on top positions  this sector helps to bring in lots of love and happiness along with respect at home and work.
Pink Healing Art Wall
Strongest energy that will help bring in peace, harmony and happiness. Pink walls are so beautiful and always a focal point in any home and also will draw a lot of attention as great conversation pieces !
Having pink walls and pink art , go according to your personal tastes and preferences. No doubt the colour never lets you down but yet it is well advised to be grounded with this colour. It is ok as not all can fall in love with shocking fuchsias and fluorescent pinks! You can choose pale rose , rose gold, baby pinks, blush pinks, and different shades and hues in pinks. Go with your likes and if you have white walls you can add up pinks in form of wall art. Frames too, modern contemporary painting frames can be added in rose gold.
Pink Wall Modern Pink wall
Pink colour helps heal the heart chakra. It brings acceptance, confidence and love. Bringing energy of self acceptance and love, thus it helps heal all relationships. No, I am not saying all becomes hunky dory, but you learn to accept yourself and others, that is quite a change for harmony and peace!
Feng Shui main entrances are where I always advise to work with extra precaution. Any wrong choices with feng shui cures can affect adversely the home energy. Usually if the main door falls in south west, this is tricky. Avoid full pink main doors. Usually the main door feng shui needs strength and firmness energy. Where pink is soothing and soft we need a lot of strength for main doors and having pink doors also affects the females of the house, taking lead in all aspects, , becoming more dominating and this may affect the harmony at home. Even if the sole earner is female I would suggest you paint the main door with other feng shui colours for this sector and add up pink in form of crystals or things in pairs to activate pink feng shui.
Pink Frame 
Pink is a beautiful colour and always will keep its place in modern and contemporary décors and pink walls will never be out of fashion! Go ahead , make some pink walls, add some pink art and activate the Awesum Pink Feng Shui!
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Modern Abstract Healing Art Wall
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