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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Choose Carefully Heart Shaped Abstracts and Why heart paintings will not bring love

Hearts in paintings, such an emotional subject that brings happiness and love emotions, well, not always such a good feng shuii!. Why do these heart subjects paintings and heart shapes in artworks not work their charm or magic in your love life? have you thought about this?  
Infinity Symbol painting Soul Mates

Happy Heart

The answer is wrong choice of Feng Shuii love, heart paintings.
Buying Heart as a subject in art , paintings Carefully check these-
1) Full and complete energy. See that the hearts painted in the love paintings are complete. 
2) You may love abstracts but be careful with love paintings. See that the backgrounds are not cloudy and stormy, it attracts storms in relationships. 
3) The scene and landscape may be attractive but take care to see that the hearts do not have other people in the paintings, this brings third person entry in relationships. 
4) Oh yes, who would not want to own a couple walking in rain painting! While the most romantic paintings of couples have rains and storms with couple walking with umbrella choose these artworks carefully. It may represent storms and rains, always in your relationships. which is not such a good feng shuii as you will always feel the task uphill to keep the love alive. 
5)  Fire in any form in paintings is better to be avoided just like storms and rains. Because fire as it represents fire of love emotions, but when hung in wrong places can attract destruction and lead to ashes in relationships. So when you buy hearts on fire, it literally puts your hearts on fire, and may not always be good energy for you both.
6) Strong symbolism is usually depicted by contrasts and what more than grey to contrast red hearts in a painting! Just check this- Dried trees, leafless trees and barren mountains as backgrounds for heart shaped paintings are seriously bad feng shuii. The relationship always seems to attract hurdles and trials and it becomes difficult to maintain the love for long when such paintings are gifted or displayed in your space. 
7) Bedroom energy feng shui is always to have things in pairs. If possible please buy pair of paintings for bedrooms, painting with pairs as subjects. This also symbolizes love energy. So better avoid the lonely heart or stabbed heart with knife and bleeding hearts in paintings
8) If there are two hearts in one painting do not buy this in pairs as it will make four hearts/ people that is not good for bedroom feng shuii.  Heart shaped paintings are best for bedrooms and relationship sectors.
9) Infinity symbols with hearts. this is another Awesum symbol to depict love and usually the symbol unites hearts and brings love and happiness. Do check that the infinity symbol is connected and not broken along with the hearts. Gaps in this symbol leads to leaking energy in relationships.
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