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Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Fill Large Space with original Art Try these 5 Practical Simple Tips

Large expanses of spaces, empty spaces, be it huge living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms , meditation yoga rooms, music rooms, or any room. Then we also see huge corporate towers that have immensely large reception areas and lobby's or dining areas, meeting conference rooms. Choosing art becomes trickier and is a major decision.  for large spaces it is very important to select colors that make the place appear attractive as well as large, maybe also bring warmth along with serving the purpose of the room functioning. 
Exalted Circles Limited Collection

My Flag of Happiness the Power of Hundred

Most important  the base walls color of the  original area. Most spaces are white and this seems like an open fantasy space for any interior decorator since all colours go well against white. But you may also have lighter hues of colours like lime greens, creams, pinks and blues, lilacs and creamish. Baby soft shades of all colours give a visual illusion of more space and people who do not like white walls go in for subdued counterparts. It is important to see the  colour  as  art has  to be with it , blend or shook, and it has to make us feel comfortable. Selecting light coloured paintings for light walls  just for space illusion is not advisable as the person staying has to feel comfortable with it. 
If all walls are painted with a single color and not many highlighting accessories then you get free hand to choose art. If the aim is to create more space select paintings that are light, upholstery must be light weight and also accessories can be limited to one highlight like a good painting on one wall.
Large spaces are challenging to fill up as original art is costly and it is such a beautiful obsession that you cannot stop to have more! How to Fill Large Space with original Art Try these  5 Practical Simple Tips 
1) Choose a single large painting, that has the power and energy to draw attention and also improve the aesthetics of any space. This is what most people love as single original artworks have a special type of energy, connectivity and charm. Buying  large sized canvas paintings from new artists can make the purchase affordable. Famous artist's works too are happiness life long, so it is well worth to invest in that single large piece of Awesum artwork! A single Large painting can fill up entire walls, or majority of the available wall.
Perfection in Octad
2) Try different combinations in display! Choose Medium sized painting and smaller ones to form a wall collage of original artworks.  You can choose few , lucky number artworks and hang them in a beautiful sequence or pattern to make an impressionable display of art. 
3) What if you can't afford many originals in art? art, many art buyers go in for the single large sized originals artwork, because that is what draws the viewers at first glance.. then the side area of remaining spaces on the wall can be filled up with smaller , lesser priced paintings or maybe prints of the same artist's artworks that will bring the art into your lives and also not crunch your budget.
Enjoy, art, add up some original art, see your visions, creativity and thoughts improve and jump start your senses!  
4) Try painting the background space with contrasting colour and then hang smaller artworks, try it, this works! 
True Blue a pair of old  year 2008 Cubism Paintings
5) So many modern decor trends, you can also create a textured wall and hang  smaller sized collection of original artworks. This will nto only highlight the paintings but also give the appearance fo rarity to your precious wall art. 
Blue Gemstone of Goodluck
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