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Friday, April 28, 2017

Do Full Aesthetic Justice to Your wall Art By proper Placement If your painting is Small or Large here are some practical Tips

Just saw a beautiful wall painting, loved it but could not get a proper view, it was embarrassing to go closer to look at it so...the art was not done full justice! The beauty and charm of the painting some where got lost due to the frame being hung on a higher level .
Art is an special aesthetic experience. It involves all our senses and once the viewer is engrossed in the art, the artist has achieved their aim. But many a times we cannot do justice to a painting and just brush away quickly past it without even giving it a second glance. Sometimes we may have to bend lower, move our head, or lean over the sofa to get a clear view of the details of the painting. Thus we lose interest. Hence it is very important to recognize that placement of paintings is also one of the important aspects in the success of a work.
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Buying painting according to our taste is just one of the aspects of art, and displaying it is another. Purchase has been done but we end up with a large work or sometimes a much smaller work for our wall. 
1)  it is important to select the area for display, the wall color and also the other accessories displayed in the room so that they do not clash with the work before purchase of a piece of art. 
2) If the work has to be hung in the living room consider the height of the sofa set or the other seating arrangements. Too low and it may touch the back of the one seated and will not give a good view. Too high and the viewer may lose interest if they have to stretch much. 
3) For displaying paintings in passages and other rooms consider the usage and what age groups of people are staying there. Children's room having paintings must be at a height where they cannot tamper with the works and also strongly tied and secure with strong thread or twines. Offices which have huge paintings need to be at a level where people passing from there can see the works at eye level. Other wise if hung too high they may pass away without even having a glimpse of the displayed works.
4) Do check the height of display , try out options, sometimes I have seen an artwork loves a corner instead of a centre, and looks happy! 
5) If you need to hang the painting at eye level to do justice to the work of art, try to avoid sharp furniture pieces near your precious art. 

6) Avoid other objects that will take away the attention for your art. Basically choose colours in upholstery and decor that will not mismatch with your wall art.

The level of hanging paintings can make or mar the aesthetic experience given by a painting. Best would be to check the size before purchasing art. One can try placing the work of art at different levels and find the suitable best height for display. There is no hard and fast rule for displaying it all depends on individual tastes and preferences.
What if you end up with a large artwork or a smaller one!
1) If there is space in the room, then go ahead and hang that single large painting! It will look great, avoid all other accessories and show pieces or knick knacks to avoid clutter in the room. Yup, A wall to wall artwork is quite a style statement! 
2) If the painting is small, try to add up some more art alongside to make a beautiful arty wall!
Art brings happiness, interest, excitement and magic in your lives ,add up some original art and make your home spaces happy energy spaces! 
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