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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Awesome Crowds Energy Music Dance Art Fun and Live Demonstrations Unique Fish Aquarium and Famous Artist Paintings at Thane Art Festival 2016, 90 Feet Road Kalwa. Jitendre Awhad Thanks Sir!

Thane Art Festival, 11th February to 14th February 2016,, The Biggest Art Festival with Art, loads of Art and an ambiance of   complete arty affair!Sponsored by Hosted by Jitendre Awhad, Thank You Sir for this Amazing experience for all Thaneites! The Thane Art Festival on grounds of world level performances rocked! Thane's own version of the Kala Ghoda Art Festival ,a s they say!
Welcome The Entrance of Thane Art Festival 90 Feet Road Kalwa Thane

Live Demonstration Artist at work, Thane Art Festival February 13 2016

Huge Rangoli, Live Demonstration Thane Art Festival 2016

Latest 3D paintings Thane Art Festival 2016

Awesum Installations Rizwana Mudnewadi at Thane Art Festival 2016

Thane Art Festival 2016

Art is Where the Heart is , Rizwana Mundewadi feeling Awesum at Thane Art Festival 2016 90 Feet Road Kalwa

Sand Sculpture Artist at work, Thane Art Festival 2016

Paintings for Sale Stalls at Thane Art Festival Kalwa

Amazing Experience at Thane Art Festival 2016 Fish Aquarium Exotic Fishes

Hand Made paper Craft at Thane Art Festival Kalwa

Junoon Rock Band Among the Many Famous Rock Band Performances, Awesum Crowds Great Live Rock Show Performances
Last year I had taken part with one of my precious canvas    on Tibetan Buddhism Reiki Symbol Art, a Spiritual Symbolic painting, "I Am Gold" maybe next year will surely love to be a part.
From Picasso to Raza, to Hussain and Tyeb Mehta,, the Great Masters , famous artworks form world famous artists. Art and paintings in different genre and themes, and the most latest Three D paintings sure got super attention!  of installations, fish aquarium, live demonstrations of paintings, three d live, awesum traditional food stalls and so many marvelous activities, one of an amazingly Awesum experience!
One of a kind, never seen before was the fish aquarium. Live shows rocked from modern band performances to traditional dance and songs.
Amazing crowds what is great about Art festivals is they are a treat not only to art lovers but also to common people  who have loads of fun and family outing with this opportunity.
While food is always the most loved one there were different stalls for selling paintings, handicrafts,, hand made paper objects and artefacts, thronging crowds loved the experience and an amazing opportunity for new artists to display their art to public.
Live shows also take interest and artists and portraits artists were having hands full with people loving to get their portrait done. Live huge rangoli demonstration was on , and also the huge 3 D paintings that popped out of the canvas!Live demonstrations of artists painting sure attracted crowds as common  people, never know how a painting is made, step by step, techniques.
Live Painting Artsist at Work Thane Art Festival Kalwa Sponsored by Jitendra Awhad

Vilas Nayak Fastest Painter Live Painting at Thane Art Festival 2016
Indias Got talent famous artist Vilas Nayak did an amazing performance of fast painting and awed the crowds!
My Bestie, My Airavaat! Awesum Large Sculptures of Animals, The Elephant Headed God, Thane Art Festival Kalwa 2016
Thought provoking, interesting installations brought about a great aura to the whole place, all shouting loud, on ART!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!
for buying some of my original symbolic paintings , view paintings,  collections, drop by my website! Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art!

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