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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Art for LOVE with LOVE by LOVE Some Unique Paintings to Attract True Pure Love! Choosing Rose paintings with Best Feng Shui Energy Tips

The beautiful most loved month, with an aura of romance, and my birth month February! Valentines day is just round the corner and with my garden my art and my life going in vibrant colors, roses are taking prominent part in my life and my art.
Two Golden Roses by Rizwana Mundewadi
Going towards more freedom and abstraction my beautiful rose paintings with my favourite precious symbols, trying out new small and large canvasses, the Year 2016 has begun with happiness and loads of creative energy!
Rose flowers due to their fragrance, uniqueness, beauty and grace are always chosen as symbols of love. Roses are the best way to say "I Love You" propose,  to renew your love for your partner and to say "Sorry"
Roses in different colors symbolize differently. Number of roses also have different symbolism. It is called Floriography and helps in understanding and choosing roses as gifts.
Rose paintings symbolize love and happiness and are best displayed in feng shui relationship sectors as well as bedrooms. A pair of pink roses always attracts true pure love in your life and are great as gifts.
Feng shui tips while choosing rose paintings buying and gifting Rose paintings-
1) Single rose especially white and peach colored symbolize completion and perfection. Purity, worthiness, innocence. A bunch of white roses are chosen in marriages to symbolize purity and sanctity.
2) White roses paintings must be chosen as a group or bunch of roses and they are to be hung in the living room or dining room.
3) Red roses, passion, love, true love. A single rose depicts pure love presented to the special one. Respect, courage, passion and love.
4) In a painting red roses gifted for true love must always be in pairs and never single, it brings the energy of loneliness. Red roses paintings best hung in bedrooms and relationship sectors of your home.
5) Pink roses, the color of love,  happiness, admiration, romance. Also used in marriages and special occassions.
6) Paintings again must be in pairs for gifting and in bedrooms you can choose bunch or pair of pink roses.
7) Yellow, cheerfulness, happiness, joy, gratitude.
8) gifting yellow roses paintings choose a bunch of yellows and they are best in dining rooms and kitchens.
9) Peach and light colored roses symbolize respect and used to congratulate.
10) Peach colored and light colored rose paintings are best hung in living rooms and study areas.
11) Lavender, Lilac and Blue roses symbolize curiosity, luck. Mystical, magical and interesting.
12) Lavender and lilac or blue rose paintings must be of bunch or single roses and can be hung in private spaces like mediation areas or study.
13) Black roses , really dark maroon colored roses, dark colored roses magical mystical and yet symbolizes death of a relation  ship. Some also term it as rebirth or making way to erase the end of the past and welcome the future.
14) Choose such paintings with very dark / black roses only if they interest you and do not hang them in bedrooms if you are not single and do not want too be single!
I love pink and pink loves me back!
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 Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Happinesses!

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