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Friday, March 4, 2016

Videos of Paintings On You Tube View Special You Tube Channel for Art Artists and Art techniques Art materials

Videos on You Tube are so amazing, from art lessons to tutorials, to selling art, there are so many beautiful paintings and artists videos on You Tube.
The most happening and used channel You Tube is so easy and the most visited site. Its so easy to subscribe to the Channels we love and get regular updates.
There are also great ways to stop plagiarism as they have  rules to upload original videos. You Tube Videos go viral within seconds if it is what the public wants! What more now they also have Google Analytics and Charts to tap your personal Channel, Videos progress and views. With easy to share buttons You Tube videos can be shared very easily to your friends and followers.
Rays of Cho Ku Rei, Reiki symbol painting (this is SOLD to an art lover from Singapore)
You Tube not only brings a whole lot of artists and art videos but in every field, from Reiki music, to meditation to specific Chakra healing and motivational videos that I loved were of my favorite speaker, Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Just have to enter words you are searching for and loads and loads of specifically selected videos appear for you  to view.
There are so many artists who upload every day on You Tube, either sharing their art, some new technique, their art material selling business and of course some art selling tips.
Another beautiful option on You Tube you can connect with art   material Sellers , reputed brands who have their special You Tube Channels, and know more about their latest art materials and offers.
Thank you You Tube!
In fact today You Tube has become a best friend teacher and Guide, of course after Google! I Love Google! From music videos to instrumental and of course songs, you   can just about enjoy any topic with a click on You Tube!
Paintings have been done again in heaps , in 2016, few large sized but many more smaller, ones I am much more comfortable with paper as a medium, coming towards more simple beauty of symbols, by itself, so beautiful!
Love Grace Harmony Size 6.5x9.5 Inches Collection 
meanwhile enjoy my painting Blooms of Opulence  here on You Tube!
All the Best from Rizwana Mundewadi!


  1. I have two paintings and little bit confused which one is a good one, as i read ur blogs my paintings are not going with the direction so want ur advice. I have lots of financial crisis going through no income from past two years due to which had to shift my office in home itself in my living room had putted partition and using half part as my office space my flat is on ground floor so have two doors the home entrance in north and the office entrance in west direction.
    My only issues is with my income rest all is good I have a real estate firm and at present handling it alone due to financial issues.
    The one painting I have 1 black single horse running on a beach the backside right leg is on water rest all 3 up running towards west so if I put It on north wall of office than it will go out as the door is on west. So should i hang it on south.
    & another two paintings with 7white horses running through water in a same direction with the sunrise on back but then If i hang it on south wall where my office chair is there so my back is face to the painting and the direction is as horses are coming in through windows as on left hand side the window is there and if on north wall then the office entrance is there n had the same painting in opposite direction as they are coming in from door. So which wall is preferable in this case.
    So my main concern is:
    1. Which painting should I keep and in which direction.
    2. Or both I can keep the black one on my backside south wall n the white one on north wall in my front facing.
    3. Or the white one in office side in which direction south or north.
    4. Or the black one in living room in north direction and white in office south direction
    5. Or white in a living room which direction and black one in office south direction as cant hang on north as it is facing the entrance door.
    Please help me with ur valuable reply. Will be very much thankful for ur help.

  2. Dev , Welcome to Razarts!1) yes the black horse is good for you in south, but artwork must not have too much water. 2) 7 horses good but don't sit under the painting.3) Single one is better. 4) Yes you can keep both, but see that it is not too much string energy for you to handle,and the energy is not facing out.5) Just go with your gut feelings while you choose and hang the paintings. Hope this helps!


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