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Sunday, January 24, 2016

My First Ever Official Signature Collection of Scarves ! What an Awesum Brand VIDA Collections Thank you

Dreams do come true, and the Universe listens to each positive thought , each dream, and each wish! Feeling so Excited , Awesum! My first official Signature Collection of Scarves ! What an Awesum Brand VIDA! 

Dream   come true! I have been looking at their advertisements and so love their products! Latest fashion statements and Awesum designer scarves and tops!  Healing art and healing paintings printed scarves and stoles  now as wearable art!  All for a Good Cause! 
I am thrilled to collaborate with VIDA for this collection! 
While I have been writing about seeing my art in print here is an actual offer, that fell in my lap! For those who have been following my blog,, know how I wanted to see my art and healing spread around the globe, and what an Awesum way to spread healing energies through wearable art. 
With the n number of emails that I just receive everyday, (SORRY) have to skip and delete many and answer only the important ones ( I never delete an inquiry or query for healing Feng shui Reiki  help!) , some how took me by surprise was an email from VIDA, Erica, Thank you so so much! 
From designers around the globe,making beautiful printed designer products. The best part is they provide literacy programs for the makers of our products! All for a good cause!
The email was to know if I would like to design and convert my art into prints, wearable art.Collaborate with them, and of course I jumped on this opportunity!
I have uploaded some of my most precious latest healing paintings, 
Will keep uploading new healing artworks, Discounts and offers keep changing so keep in touch with my collections, Rizwana Mundewadi's Collection on VIDA
Since its the season of Love, Happy Valentine's Day!
Check this out, Showering Love.
Pink Love Showering Love Rizwana Mundewadi Healing Art

meanwhile at my home front, have been obsessively painting on canvas and paper, and will keep adding up, at present the mantra of my life and art" Give me a museum and I will fill it" Picasso!

All the Best from Rizwana!

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