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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Famous Artists Who Left Hidden Symbols in their Paintings Interesting Hidden Symbolism In Famous Paintings

Hidden symbolism has been an interesting and intriguing thought for me and the search on Google emerged fruitful in giving a few answers.  famous artists did use symbology, hidden symbolism and even similar to the titles there were some strange objects and images that may at that time not seem relevant to the title of the  paintings.
Code Hidden in Mona Lisa, The letters LV, when viewed under a microscope Art Historians in Italy have seen under a microscope , a Da Vince Code in the painting. The eyes show letters and numbers not so well understood but  in the  right eye the letter LV may be initials for his name Leonardo Da Vince.
The Last Supper a musical composition. An Italian musician has noted that the hands with loaves of bread, the seating from right to left brings out a interesting visual composition, musical score.
Michelangelo's The Creation Of Adam, one of the most famous artworks and seen in most chapels and structures, if observed, is similar to the shape of the human brain, Michelangelo the most famous painter of the Italian Renaissance. He was a great artist and loved anatomy and is believed to have dug corpses for study. The Sistine Chapel, experts suggest has the image and details of the Human brain when seen from below.
David and Goliath, mystical Kabbalah signs symbols. Scanning through the Sistine Chapel ceilings experts have found that the images of David and Goliath emerge as a symbol in kabbalah for strength,
While noting the finger painted in Prophet Zechariah, Michelangelo depicted a baby angel doing a fig, a not so good symbolism, somehow depiction of  the strained relationships between him and Julius II.
The Madonna With saint Giovannino- Experts suggest that there is a male figure looking upwards towards the sky and sighting UFO, a blob over Mary's left shoulder, disc shaped shiny. Domenico Ghirlandaio's  "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" has a unidentified flying object a blob .
Netherlandish Proverbs- there are 112 idioms in the scene. 1559 Oil on Oak Panel by Pieter Bruegel. Some are still in use today;  the big fish eats the small fish, banging ones head against a brick wall, and many more expressions of the artist.
Young Mozarts Portrait, with one hand hidden, depict dedication to task or a level of hierarchy.Portraits were usually shown in postures and expressions which when observed in detail  depict a larger much more different interesting version of the thoughts of the artists.
Paintings have been an inner expression of the though processes of artists. While the symbols and images used in the painting are visible to the eye, viewers interested in deep understanding do give a closer deep look and of course the results are magical.
While the one wrong stroke maybe covered up with some color the image that emerges to the eye is totally different and there are so many, oh so many interpretations and interesting expressions coming for art. A totally different perspective, a challenging discussion.
One creative sparkle in the eye topic!
Feng Shui Home of Happiness Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Going with my love for symbolism , blessing from My friend the Airavaat , I love my symbols, they are always positive , full of energy and while I do use color symbolism but more so I love my lines, that depict the whole world  in them! Feng shui, Reiki and Sacred Geometry, so much to paint little time! Its another challenge to view my art from another perspective!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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