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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mountains and Mount Everest Paintings symbolism Choosing The Right Mountain Landscape Paintings

Mountains in paintings have been a favorite topic among artist since ancient times. Mountains always symbolize majestic energy, motivational and reaching the top kind of image.Its important to choose the right type of mountain images in your landscape paintings. Some important aspects that we usually miss out are the shape of peaks, the number of peaks, the color of mountains and the over all landscape energy and colors.
Hidden Treasures Original Oil Painting Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Here are a few that I would like to guide you to understand thee  symbolism in mountain images,  while you choose a mountain landscape painting for attracting good luck and prosperity.
1) Pointed sharp peaks and many peaks symbolize  many hurdles and up down in life career and relationships.
2) dark snow covered mountains are considered inauspicious as to representing a quiet time in your life and energy.
3) Too many barren mountains represent only hardships and less fruits in your work, that is money.
4) Two peaks of same size without very sharp points are good for relationships areas as they hold the energy of love within.
5) Pointed sharp edges in mountains especially pointing towards the viewer are very strong negative shar energy and create poison arrows as in feng shui.
6) Mountains like Everest are motivational and inspirational for office spaces and career growth.
7) Many hills, small crevices and cracks in mountainous landscapes in your paintings  are not very good feng shui. They represent leaking energy.
8) Displaying too many mountain paintings at home may attract too many hurdles and difficult times in your life.
9) Mountain paintings are best in east and south east sector of your home.
Hope this helps, do share your  landscape paintings , understand their symbolism and use these landscape mountain paintings for feng shui benefit for attracting good fortune and luck.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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