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Monday, January 6, 2014

Exotic Birds and Trekking in this New 2014 New Painting in Progress Trekking Tips and guidelines

Wishing everyone a Great new 2014!
New year brings new excitement and  enjoying every bit of this journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to paint healing art...
Embracing the Chaos oil painting in progress on canvas
the painting of patience, Embracing the Chaos begun on 31st December 2013 and hope  to continue till end on this year 31st December 2014 is going on in very very patience, thoughtful simple strokes.
till date, there is a calculated selection of colors at the beginning, gold, red, green turquoise and orange! all strong colors that symbolize growth and happiness.
This is a healing symbolic painting to control the barging bombardment of  ideas, colors and paintings that come up in my mind, which never still.  So many ideas, so much to paint so much to write so little time!
Embracing the Chaos oil painting in progress on canvas
Trekking to Karnala Bird Sanctuary was a welcoming refreshing trip in the beginning of this 2014 year.
Climbing the fort is not an easy task and really not for simple trekkers. A birds paradise, Surrounded with thick growth the forest  has a uphill narrow man made path among rocks which trekkers enjoy. Rare Birds are really worth the trip and true bird lovers do visit the place before sunrise.
Not so much aware of bird names but I can identity the colors, blue , green and black red, exotic rare birds, its a haven for bird lovers. And with the series of exotic birds  paintings going in progress such trips make me wonder still, the paintings come first and then come the occasions, unlike where artists express that they were influenced by a trip or an image it is vice versa always with my art, I paint first by imagination and then things come forthe!
nature trails

sky view from forest

tree roots

huge tree trunks and tree roots

names of different birds

anthill in forest

monkey in the jungle

peacock bird

peacock bird close up of eyes

peacock close up of bird

labelled botanical names on trees
huge rocks forest trekking

peacock feeding

Peahen in bird santury

Some important practical tips for trekking-
1) Start early, trekking and climbing can be best enjoyed when you start early. And watching rare  birds in nature is  also only during the few early hours after sunrise. Winter seasons are good for such trips as there is less heat from the sun and climbing becomes easy, but also the days  are smaller, so be prepared for an early back trip.
 2) Shoes, very important, right soles, right fitting, right grip. Over the years we have come to understand the very importance of right shoes,  and heeled  sandals or slippers just wont do!Right size backpack to keep both hand free. Do not over load the back pack as this makes climbing and trekking difficult in small spaces of rocky areas.
3) Water and snacks, food, medicines in your backpack along with antiseptic cream, insect bites and dried tree scratches! immediately wash with clean water and apply cream for any scratches or insect bites.
Unless you are sweating do not drink much water. Take small sips only and do not gulp water in large quantities at one time.
4) Beware while walking and trekking in interiors of forest. creatures,  animals, birds, and creatures on the ground hidden among dried grass, unexpected falls while climbing and trekking, get the right firm grip. Look for footholds  first, shortest gaps among rocks, and then make small slow climb moves.
5) Inform your family or friends,  one who will look out for you when you go missing, when going on trekking trips. It is understood that most places in hilly and mountainous regions there is no mobile network.
Trekking brings you ultimate close to mountain strength, earth energy, grounding energy. Once there you are totally focused on which branch to catch or which rock to select as foothold. So when the basic instinct of survival comes up all negative energy is dissolved and mind becomes refreshed. It is very important for   every individual to be in close contact with earth and as today we are surrounded more with technology and electric vibrations it sure is worth to balance  energy, to have such contact with nature.
Go for trekking and climbing only when you are trained and fit, and have no major health problems, otherwise even walking is the best energiser.
So while we have still never completed the climb to the Panhalgad fort  , the top of the mountain peak we  know just when to stop and return  and call it a day!
The peacock bird sure was very happy to see us and truly showed his happiness! gave the best pose!
peacock dancing happily open feathers
King Fischer birds Near the terrace garden
As I write the green Bee Eater colorful birds are calling from our terrace garden.

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
All the Best!

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