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Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Year Wishes from razarts

While we are just coming to the end of this beautiful year 2013, so many great news, some  losses,some new experiencing and some not so good, we  all have lived this, and I wish from my heart good luck to everyone who have been a part of this spiritual journey and walked along, maybe directly or indirectly influenced my life and my art.
I also take this opportunity to THANK YOU ABSOLUTE ARTS, for being such a wonderful soul friend not just to me but to so many artists around the globe. With so many years with absolute arts, this is HOME.
I also thank all the people in my life, especially my critics, who have brought out the fire in me and made me continue painting with passion.  My family for being so supportive and understanding.  Thanking all other galleries, especially Saatchi Online,  who have encouraged me,in my early  years of art and helped me to put forthe my art to the world. In this journey of understanding myself and my art you have always been a special part, and even though we have never met, I pray and thank you all, wishing you loads of luck.
Thanks when there was no one you were there!
Pink Heart of Love oil painting on paper
A very big THANK YOU to all my readers  and art buyers, who have in some or other way encouraged me and become a part  of this spiritual journey, I cherish them.
The ART Collectors who have showed interest in my art, I thank you from my heart and hope in sometime to have an artful association.
I thank God who has given me this talent to spread cheer, happiness and prosperity through the medium of my healing art.
I AM SORRY if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt any person, plant , bird or object, I am sorry .
My blog readers, especially on razarts, feng shui and  gardening,  who have a special connection with me.Thank you Google.   The ebooks on kindle have taken my passion of writing  to another level. Thank You Amazon.
Lets begin the new year with a fresh blank canvas and start painting our life!
Do take this opportunity to forgive and forget, make space for progress and watch miracles  of the universe unfold.
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best!


  1. Thanks same to all of you and your team, thank you for coming by Razarts, Anonymous! Have a Great Year!


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