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Monday, December 2, 2013

Color Therapy Abstract oil painting Understanding of Color Symbolism

Color therapy as the name suggests is using colors as healing symbols. Colors have their own meanings and symbolism since olden times and artists have very effectively used colors in paintings to express emotions, environments and beliefs.
Different colors represent emotions and objects with universal meanings and this is also influenced by the experiences of the individual and their cultural beliefs.
Color Therapy Oil painting on Oil Sketch paper
While  artists may look upon white as the most purest color representing peace and harmony, in many religions and cultures, in India,  it is considered the color of mourning where in widows wear white clothes. So also in other culture, Christianity, the bridal wear is a flowy satin lace gown of white color.
Thus color has its own interpretation and as for someone red may indicate danger another individual may call it a color of passion and love. Green with envy was such predominant in early ages and this color was almost avoided in apparels and upholstery, whereas today with feng shui color symbolism theory the color green has been on the top, representing growth and prosperity as for the green fields and vegetation.
The painting color therapy done in different techniques of painting with brush, objects, fingers, and this is a beautiful amalgamation of different chakra colors in this artwork that has loads of positive vibrant energy.
With the concept of Reiki violet fire which I have painted in many paintings, here again I use the purification violet purple fire as againast the backdrop of chakra colors. Also using the traditional fire flame making this painting  a combination of healing energies.
All in all a vibrant effect to the emotions and mind, giving a  message of healing to all chakras.
The oil painting color therapy is done in layering technique with over lapping steps as many of my other paintings and finally the emergence of the small colorful beautiful circles complete the process of healing.
A  trip by the sea, was fascinating and refreshing
 On the personal front enjoyed a refreshing trip by the sea, it sure cleans your aura, the salt water air, except , you come back with sticky salty skin! Good news, unexpectedly, first time in my life, our fish orange guppy had tiny babies, life from such a tiny speck, except for the tingling specks in water it was difficult to see the lots of tiny babies in the fish tank, the photo is of when they were  one weeks old in separate fish bowl, here wishing them a great life! life is magical!
Tiny babies of Guppy fish
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  1. Use art books as inspiration for finding items to paint if you are indecisive, but it is preferable not copy a famous artist's painting. Only emulate another artist's work if your teacher has assigned this as a class art assignment.

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  2. Very true, thanks for the share, Take Care and All the Best!


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