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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to Make Fancy Artistic Paper Weights at Home Step by Step Making of eco friendly paper weights

Colorful Hand made  paper Weights
Paper weights are one thing which we all require, in office at our table to hold the papers in place as well as in our home office or near the telephone desk, paper weights are available in the usual glass round globes and the creative urge (of the red pilgrim), in the year 2000 with painting creatively furniture, trees and then came making of fancy paper weights.
Here  I share a few cherished ones that remain , antique pieces, I have packed and stored carefully,  beautiful,  colorful fancy eco friendly paper weights.
The traditional shapes in paper  weights, crystal colored glass  heavy round balls, look the same everywhere and there is often risk of the glass falling and breaking or chipping and also some one may accidentally get hurt , a child or a pet thinking of using this as a ball!
 making creative colored and different shaped paper weights also makes them look attractive and unique but also serves  the purpose of holding the office desk neat, what more an eco friendly hand made paper weight, doing your bit for the environment.
Different shapes fancy paper weights for gifting
The process  to make paper weights is very easy and here I share simple tips  and guide to make fancy paper weights at home.
Hand made  office paper weights
1) Select moulds  of different shapes, preferable plastic or used cake ice cream cups , moulds of different gift items can also do if they are made of thin plastic.
2) Clean the moulds, dry them well, and arrange oil paints,and cement plaster of Paris mixture along with some glue.
3) Decorating your paper  weights can be done with any fancy materials, colorful cloth flowers, shiny sparkling different shapes mirrors, glitter, colored stones,  fancy buttons, silk,ribbons , plastic flowers or just about anything you wish to stick on to make  the paper weights unique and fancy.
4)  While making Hand made Paper weights , keep one thing in mind, the usable aspect.  Paper weights need to be a bit heavy so that they can serve your purpose and this I have tried with paper machie but the weights become too light and of  no use for the purpose.
5) Consider the size that is comfortable  to keep and use on your table. Very small paper weight or very big one will not look good. Size decided select the mould for pouring the ready mixture.
 6)  See that there  are no lumps formed  in the cement mixture or air bubbles while pouring in the mould. For getting a perfect shape of your wish this step is very important.
Different shape artistic hand made paper weights

Abstract shape hand made eco friendly paper weights
 7) In case you do not have a specific plastic mould you can also form a thick mixture of white cement  and mould it in abstract shape  and let it dry. Here as the mixture feels a bit firm add fancy gemstone, colored stones, plastic flowers, mirrors, colored beads, shiny wires,  or any fancy small tit bits so that they are firm and fit along with the mould of dried  mixture.
8) Once dried off well remove the mould or thin plastic can be cut off  to get a beautiful shaped fancy artwork. Trim off any abnormal extruding parts lightly and make clean shape.
9) Finally paint it using oil paints, first layer as base color, and then any patterns or designs in colorful shapes or floral prints. Cover this with a thin layer of protective varnish.
Mould to make hand made eco friendly paper weights

Fancy paper weights

Shiv ling shaped paper weight religious symbol paper weight

Colorful healing stones hand made paper weight

Fancy shiv ling shaped paper weight

Golden rose eco friendly  hand made paper weight
what more they also act as great art creations and ones that you can display as artefacts , let your imagination go wild!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!
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  2. Thank you Julia for the lovely comment, welcome to razarts. Take Care and God Bless!


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