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Monday, October 28, 2013

Inspired by Pablo Picasso Collection Honored to be Selected in Saatchi online Inspired by Picasso Collection.

Pure Luck by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Inspired by Picasso Collection,Pablo Picasso, I am so honored to be a part of this prestigious online art collection compiled by Rebecca Wilson Director at Saatchi Art Gallery London for choosing my work, " Pure Luck White Chrysanthemums".
Pablo Picasso the father  of cubism, the first abstract art in form of cubism style. A visual language of squares representing an image. It is a fact that Picasso depicted three dimensional objects into a two dimensional but he never progressed to make total abstract works, so strong was his upbringing and thought processes ingrained in his psyche about figurative art.
He had brought a tremendous change into art after the impressionists and the fauvists .
Born October 25, 1881 Malaga Spain
Died April 8, 1973 Lougins France
Since childhood Pablo was fascinated with drawing geometric forms and shapes.He continued painting even without earning enough to support him form his art,  and Picasso "was the boy-genius who had grown disinterested in classical art"
The famous Blue period where all his works dominated with color blue. A more sentimental and emotional works brought forward this blue period and he was deeply affected by the death of his close friend Casagemas.A series of paintings depicting his emotional state of shock and depression, the blue period, after which began the pink period, the prominence of the color pink, the rose period which lasted till the end of cubist period.
"he simply enjoyed to imitate other artists,just like an actor, to occasionally emulate the styles of other artists,"
Cubism is not just an art style it marked the entry of a new style of abstract art by Picasso.
Picasso's the rose period is of greater importance in art history. Started 1904 a more optimistic style and positive brighter colors used in works during the Rose Period.
While the blue period depicts sorrow and mourning, the rose period depict acceptance and a life of its own. The art pieces became more abstract subjects and characters in his works could not be specified as a person.
He continued to explore expressionism combined with classicism along this rose period. The most expensive painting from May 2004 to June 2006 was "Boy with Pipe" The Harlequin period where picasso inspired by circus artists 19th century.  He continued to make figurative art but not keeping this as his prominent style.According to some he did "adapt his style to the wishes of his potential buyers, balancing artistic with commercial needs".
Picasso Black Period 1906 to 1907 where he was influenced by African art, a series of drawings, paintings and wood carvings.
One of the reason for Picasso interest in African Totem Art was the element of exorcism, he identified with.His friend Alice Toklas summed this up when she first saw "Demoiselles" as "painful and beautiful..and oppressive but imprisoned" which sums up how Picasso felt during the black period during which he was caught between commercial interests and artistic interests.
Picasso didn't so much faucet objects like Georges Braques,but used the geometry of Braques',to create an style that was pure abstract combined with Braques'cubism  style.
Untitled -Diamond, small sacred geometry cubism painting

Spiritual Gateway, Year 2000 symbolic large oil painting on canvas framed and varnished , ready to hang

Sophistication , big sized spiritual abstract cubism oil painting on paper

Untitled - Faith  small water color on paper 

Opening of the Third Eye, year 2005 small oil on paper

"Transition" large size Spiritual Geometry abstarct oil on oil sketch  paper

Universal Love , big oil painting on Hand made paper

Vase of Contentment medium sized oil on Paper, Year 2002

Perfection in Octad large size oil on canvas Varnished

The View Year 2002,big  Cubism abstarct painting oil on canvas

Compassion Love,small  Reiki symbol healing painting in Pink by  Rizwana Mundewadi

Untitled Abstract Portrait Imprint Technique, oil on A4 size paper

Untitled sacred Geometry small painting on oil sketch paper

"The Triangle" Cubism Painting on Paper by Rizwana Year 2006

Innocent Happiness Feng Shui Painting on Oil Sketch Paper

"Possessions" cubism abstract Oil on Canvas Framed varnished ready to hang painting Year 2000
Destiny, Sacred Geometry Cubism Painting by Rizwana Year 2005
Divine Balance year 2012 medium sized oil on paper

History of art continues with new artists entering this journey, the emerging ones  who  paint, express, combine styles or follow old masters, I have begun this beautiful journey unknowingly , what the future holds, what is the history behind selecting the  symbols, the , why do I love shapes, sacredness of the circle, royalness and representation of art and sacred geometry,feng shui and symbolism, color symbolism, representational art, expressionism, the total pure abstracts, My Green Tara,
My Green Tara Symbolic Figurative Canvas Painting
a figurative abstract painting,year 2012,   a deep pause, .......looking into the past helps so much to understand and with so many answers to the n number of questions and curious  exclamations in my mind and heart.
The journey continues to excite me , and enough creative inspirations to paint for, so much to  paint so little time! the mind is bombarded continuously with ideas, colors, longing for the fresh "fragrance" of oils and raw canvas, the most beautiful feeling in front of the bare canvas, a mystery to unfold...reading on Sufism, since the past year, maybe some fresh work inspired by Sufism would follow..I still don't know what and when the canvas will come to life  with vibrant energy!

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.  
you can buy paintings form my website, shipping is free.

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  1. Pablo Picasso popularly known as The Father of Cubism , his art has much more than just squares, a breakthrough in abstract art.


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