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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sketch Book for Artists Tab and Laptops Notebook Scrap Book Importance

Faced with artists block, many artists at some time or other go blank, with the blank canvas,staring and staring, here a scrap book, note book  or sketch book comes very handy.
I have this old file where i stock any picture, colored photos of flowers, textures, or just anything that attracts me in from of inspiration, hits any of my senses, or all of my senses!
It is very important that you keep stock of all material, posters, pictures, colored magazine clips, advertisements, I also keep cut outs of inspirational quotes, even if they may not help always in making  art they uplift the mood and inspire to make happy art.
Sketching is very important for every artist.The more you sketch the more you paint better, as say other artists, I am afraid I am not into much of this, that is it is not necessary that you always have a blue print of sketches, n numbers and then finalize one, not always possible, where is the soul in the art, painting , and very often I have never been able to follow even my own sketch.
Painting for me is too much about personal choice, personal strokes and colors. Though sketching will help in hand finger control, which is I guess very essential for any portrait, or landscape artist. So with the scrap book, file and notebook for string all ideas, jotting down inspirations, and stocking pictures there seems a bundle of  ideas which never leave me dry!
Notebooks are very important for every artist as goes the saying, ideas are like rabbits , they disappear even before we take notice. And this would very often happen the idea would just go off when in front of the blank canvas, grab just any bot of paper and jot down few points sot hat you can refer after wards.
Keeping your art area, cupboard, studio organized will help in keeping up the creativity level along with note books for referring later.
You may buy any note book, folder, or writing pad, now adays we have note books tabs for storing ideas and as the old way of writing with hand seems to fade away there will come a time when making with a hand brush stroke will cost $ millions!
The notice board also is of great help, do keep a small ply wood board, soft wood where you can pin up ideas, pictures, photographs that help in getting new ideas for painting.And of course, senior artists who have sold lots of art, also keep record of their artworks and in whose collection they are. Also must keep note on art displayed in art galleries, online galleries , and finally telephone numbers of your art collectors, art lovers, and artist friends.
Lap tops and tabs are also good to store ideas as I type faster than i write by hand! Photoshop, and other soft wares are also great to boost your creativity, and as I did short course in web designing graphic designing, still feel the old way works best for me! pen and paper, So if you are an new artist, or emerging artist, and still have no personal diary book,  first set up a book, scrap book, note book and sketch book, and you will keep getting new ideas for great artworks! which will come handy after many years, as in the beginning we are full of ideas to paint, but as time goes, over the years, as say senior artists we will need all the inspiration we can, to keep the fire burning, to get a stroke on the blank canvas!
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