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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Which Genre of Art is Calligraphy, Understanding Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy symbols and color all form an important part of any painting. As we have different genres of art from landscapes to portraits to still lifes and nature painting many art lovers wonder which category would calligraphy come under, is it just a form of writing in colorful inks or more than that.
My  association with this beautiful art goes long time back and as I continue to make symbolic art, symbols, written in any from do have an immense emotional effect on our psyche. A word written in calligraphic form not only looks attractive but also goes straight to the mind. Using Chinese calligraphy symbols came naturally as this beautiful language as single symbols for words, from reiki symbols used during healing the power of symbolic healing art multiplies many folds with colors used for healing in calligraphy art. From the well known world wide Arabic calligraphy to Chinese symbols used in art there are many artists who imbibe this beautiful art into their artworks. Calligraphy in olden times was writings or scriptures done using special pens , nibs,and medium of inks. The most popular inks being red, black, yellow, blue and green.Scriptures written by hand in designing fashion , artistic, were a genre followed by only certain individuals who were qualified and trained in this skill.
Art can be expressed in any from and calligraphy symbols , are in a way only lines, a movement in lines, forms , shapes to give meanings to the scriptures written, a from of art.  The category calligraphy comes under would be abstract  art, and we also term this style as symbolic abstract art. Abstract art can take any form or be formless. calligraphy lines are in fact a movement of colors, strokes,  lines , and as the artist depicts strokes to make art, the symbols having certain meanings take their art to another level.
Calligraphy art not only looks beautiful with simple strokes but also are easily understood by given artist explanation of the meaning of the words and symbols.
Calligraphy art, it has been used since ages as in very old times even notes, scriptures and wedding cards were written by hand. News papers were written by hand, movie posters were written by hand and painted by artists. This beautiful art form is getting extinct as with technology and printing, our touch of hands has been replaced by the knick knack of the key board. There is hope as we try to revive this beautiful art form. Calligraphy symbols can be in any language and symbolic art has no religion or language barriers, its plain beautiful art!
Symbol Fruits, Abstract Symbolic painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi, Year 2011, Size  9.5x13 Inches, medium oil on oil sketch paper, Price $ 599
you can view more of my paintings on my website

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