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Friday, March 29, 2013

Paintings on War and Their Feng Shui Symbolism Religious War Paintings and Feng Shui

Symbolism of war paintings and negative emotions depicted in art, with feng shui is very very important as art hung on our walls influences our mind and the energy around us. It is the love of paintings sometimes religious war paintings are bought keeping in mind the importance but the fact does remain that these are war paintings and they will create negative , violent, irritable, angry energy around.
With most people inquiring about the energy of these religious war paintings here we discuss the meanings, symbolism and in case you have these artwork what to do with them or where to place them.
Feng shui and war paintings have been advised by masters as one of the reasons for family tussles, constant bickering in family and business and also arguments between husband wife and mother in law daughter in law. In short war in any form, is not good energy. Many feng shui consultations have worked to heal so many problems when some artworks are either removed or hung in other places thus in some way or other placing a lot of importance on what type of art is hung on our walls. .
A painting depicting angry elephants or chariots of raging horses for war, the humans depicted in the artwork of war with strong emotions,  all have an effect on your mind and psyche. Unknowingly we are affected by these emotions by viewing them everyday,  and though it may work fine when the day goes great but when your day has been a tried long one, you get angry when you enter the home and view such war paintings first.
Home is a place for rest and relaxation where your personal chi gets to re energise by the welcoming environment of your home.
There is some religious symbolism in some war paintings which have been fought for victory of good over evil, but the simple reason will always be the same , it is war , and whatever reason it had been for the war had led to bloodshed and this will influence your energy and environment.
In case you have such and war painting or artwork depicting violence, and have hanged it in your office or living room , if possible remove this. You can store this covered in cloth if it is a precious costly artwork.
In case it is not possible for you to part with this war paintings try to hang them in rooms which are not frequently used by you and your family. In this way you get to keep the precious artworks as well as are not affected by the daily exposure of negative feng shui energy.
Hang a beautiful painting , as you have the choice of so many types, landscapes, floral paintings, symbolic paintings, geometric cubism paintings, colorful paintings and black and white paintings, religious paintings and simple sweet abstarct paintings,  it is better to choose happiness over war, you have the choice!
After all the discussion on war and war paintings, Lets view some pink painting to leave you on a happy note!
Infinite Love and Compassion oil painting on oil sketch paper

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