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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking Your Art Home, Travelling with newly owned painting

Paintings art, when purchased directly from artist or through an art gallery is all yours now. How do you travel with your art?
It is very important that you take care of the new addition to your home while transporting painting. If purchased from an art gallery do involve yourself with the packaging and wrapping up of your precious new painting. The gallery representatives will do their best in packing but in case of exhibitions or sales there may not be enough facilities for packing the sold art. While you go to purchase paintings it is better that you drive , have your own vehicle or transportation facility. This helps especially in case of purchasing framed artworks.
In exhibitions if you have purchase dart directly from artist , do observe the packaging technique and what was used and how, this will help you to later unpack the art when your reach home. Rolled canvas need to be packed properly to avoid bending and scratching of paint from the surface of the painting. The outer section must be covered securely with cardboard roll so that the art can withstand wind, unexpected shower rain, and even sunlight while travelling. There may be packing  to absorb shock while travelling and also wrappers of paper or soft cloth or even a spare canvas to protect the painting while packing.
In case your driver or someone else has to pick up the art piece from the gallery do give proper instructions to take care of your art while transporting your painting to your home.
If it is a rare precious expensive artwork do take care where you halt for a tea or snack break in between journey as you may lose your art due to negligence. The journey of travelling with your art is an unique joyful experience, a piece of the artist soul travels with your to your home, to beautify your home and your life, it gives immense happiness, excitement, hope, as say those who have purchased art! Do take proper care of your art while traveling and enjoy the art!

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