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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amethyst Stone Healing Properties

Purple Coloured Amethyst Stone Jewellery

Amethyst being a most powerful colourful stone used since ages by spiritual healers in healing sessions and as self healing has become a most sought after stone now. Purple or lilac coloured crystal stone is available in raw or crystal form. In early days rich people and royal kings used to wear these colourful stones which indicated royalty, upper position and class. The most sought after stone and most attractive purple stone Amethyst is said to have protecting properties and protects the wearer from evil eye and negative forces.
The literal meaning of Amethyst in Greek is ‘undrunken’ that is the person wearing this stone becomes alert and intuitive. The mind opens doors of creativity and understanding and this amethyst stone has properties which help the wearer to become alert and consciousness  and memory improvement. The symbol of power it is the most beautiful and favourite only second after rose quartz stone.
The characteristics of the Amethysts stones are independent, creative, stimulating, progressive and growth.  With many attributes given to this prestigious stone the most common beliefs are that it offers protection to the wearer from evil spirits. The amethysts stone also helps clears skin blemishes and lightens scars and makes the skin soft and glowing. The wearer feels the stone affects in good health and good heart. Healers use this to offer strength of soul to the healee. Depression and other related mental problems when noticed can be reduced by using this amethysts stone near the body or in the room of the individual who requires healing. Healers also swear by the healing properties of amethyst stone for reducing headaches and insomnia. Feelings of anxiety, low self esteem, fears that are irrational, obsessions of all kinds, and bad dreams all can be healed by using amethyst stone near your bed or placing the amethyst under your pillow.
Usually jewellery worn round the neck having amethyst stone is beneficial for the throat chakra. It helps in opening of chakras and becoming confident and get good oratory skills. Wearing near the heart helps to maintain good heart health and reduces stress and blood pressure problems. Wearing in your wrist as a wrist band or bracelet is beneficial for the whole body especially balances the body energy and makes the person alert and attentive.
Actually the purple stone quartz is most relevant for the seventh chakra or the crown chakra. And used for healing purposes and the birth stone of Aquarius or February borns.  The amethyst stone is available in rock or raw form, in crystal form, as polished stone, in different shapes- pyramid, balls, eggs, spheres, cubes and towers. How I began to love the amethyst first was because of its attractive colour. Being an healing artist I love purple, and ultramarine blue and this colourful stone attracted me towards itself , first by beauty and then by its healing properties. The amethyst stone symbolizes piety, purity, independence and humility sincerity and spiritual wisdom.
You can use this amethysts stone in raw rock form or wear any piece of jewellery and keep it near your body. People also prefer to buy amethysts towers, amethysts balls, amethysts pyramids and place them on study table, office table or near the bed for healing and purifying the whole area. This stone will protect the environment form accumulating negative energies and also from evils spirits. The amethysts stone heals past fears and obsessive thoughts and makes the wearer at peace with self. Confidence, protection and clarity of thoughts are the most important attributes given to this healing stone.

The amethysts stone when kept under the pillow while sleeping wards away undue fears and negative thoughts . Also protects against nightmares and bad dreams. For education luck people put a amethysts pyramid tower on the study table , left side of your study table for best healing results. Improved grades and better assessment marks as also increased confidence and attracting good friends are all attributed to the stone. For good business and new contracts as well as job promotions place an amethysts stone artefact, amethysts ball or sphere or an amethysts pyramid tower in the north or north west section of your office, living room or bedroom.
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For feng shui marriage luck or love cure people prefer to place a amethyst heart shaped stone in the bedroom to invite marriage and love luck. Women also wear heart shaped pendants near their neck or ear rings or finger rings with this stone in heart shape to attract marriage and love luck. Keeping an amethyst stone artefacts or statue of two birds or couple near your bed is good feng shui for your bedroom.
With many healing properties attributed to the amethysts stone it is also a symbol of power and strength. Feelings of inadequacy, low confidence and instability in health and career, all can be healed by using this amethyst stone near you. Men can wear finger rings studded in silver, but most men prefer to have pyramids or towers in their wallet or purse. Some people also put on display amethysts stone artefacts which distributes the healing energies in the whole environment.
Original Healing Painting by Rizwana A
My latest healing paintings have stones, precious and semi precious, and after studying and understanding their healing properties this beautiful artwork, named "Golden Sands" May 2012. done on canvas.

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