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Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Birds Paintings by healing Artist

Abstract Bird painting by Rizwana
 Birds are an important part of nature and every artist is some time or other influenced by the colours seen in birds. From the colourful magnificent peacock to the bright green parrots , the grey pigeons, to the brown mynas and the colourful budgies to the black crows! all form a truly wonderful colourful treat to our eyes.
Abstract Painting of Bird by healing Artist
 Bird watching is a great hobby and as we observe the minute details in the feathers of different birds the artist inside does come out in form of an artwork. My early years of trials when I began painting and was not so near nature, I had done few abstract paintings on paper. The ones above have been done in year 2000 and 2001 when I had not even thought that these birds would become such and important part of my life later on.
Our Pet parakeet
 This friendly parakeet has come to us in the year 2010 and started staying with us , first outside our window and then later on has become an important part of our family. She lives free and flies for the day coming for feeds from time to time and as the sun sets she comes for sleeping at our place. With our terrace garden birds like mynas, pigeons, crows, sparrows. black sparrow are frequent visitors for feeding, drinking and bathing.

Enjoying a Rest Time

Blue Budgie Love Bird with her Eggs
 Budgies are also an important part of our family who love to feed on fresh green leaves of methi, spinnach and coriander along with their  millet seed pellets.
Green Budgie Love Bird
Does an artist represent what they think, dream  about, have I painted what was not existing before , with 'The View' becoming a reality all with the sea view and the boats , I am wondering about the power of the universe. I think the saying,
'If you love something the whole universe sets upon itself to get it for you' is very much true.
Artist visualizations are very powerful and what we paint expresses out true nature and our identity.Only thing is that I had not thought about sharing space with the birds before painting these abstracts!
Is the power of the mind so strong , does God allow us to write our destiny, even partly ,leaving you with these thoughts,
 would be great!

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