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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Combination of Old and New Healing Paintings

Dimensions Painting on Canvas by Rizwana Mundewadi

Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi Painting on Linen

Untitled Painting on Canvas by Rizwana Mundewadi

Freedom Painting on Canvas Year 2000 by Rizwana Mundewadi
 This painting is an experience a feeling which came about using different strokes along with colours of freedom. I began with selecting the colours of the tricolour flag of India and then let the colours flow and the rest is history, I have this wonderful attractive abstract painting.
A Painting from Series on Evolution by Rizwana Mundewadi
My enjoyable early total abstracts. These early years of my artists' career were when I was totally into abstracts. I treasure these artworks since they are the base for the progress in my career today. A journey of an artist can be felt by viewing the different stages of my artists career along with my paintings. My paintings reflect spirituality and originality anytime!  

Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi
Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi

This is an abstract painting done using acrylics on oil sketch paper. My many efforts of using acrylics have still not succeeded and I still have to learn the correct method of painting using acrylic colours. they dry very fast and also have effects similar to water colours. But the advantage with acrylics is that they are water proof so once the painting is dry you need not worry of spilling liquid on it and the painting getting spoiled, like with water colours.
This painting is done in July , 2011 and done for enjoyment. My signature style shapes , my favorites circles and squares!The triangle was done to create a three dimensional effect but I do not know whether I have achieved this aim, which gives me another inspiration of a new artwork.  Glaze with green over blue colour and the hot pink.(somewhere ended up with muddy colours which I have erased using water immediately, the fun part of abstracts!)on the whole I enjoyed this artwork very much as I was free to make anything.
After this artwork I have done few paintings trying some shapes in three dimensional effects. each painting leads to much to little time
Sophistication by Rizwana Mundewadi
Sophistication by Rizwana Mundewadi

This is another artwork that has been included in the Emirates competition. The choice of colours matter most to me and very often i end up using french ultramarine blue and Prussian blue, titanium white, turquoise blue, all colour that are linked to peace. I being an spiritual healing artist have more tendency to select these colours and very often I have to choose and force myself to use reds and greens!
This si an abstract painting and my signature style, lines are used to depict so many aspects in the artwork. This painting is open to interpretation by the viewers.
I have read that any abstract painting must be right from all sides.
This painting has fulfilled my expectations and since I got the concept clear it is most apt for the title given.
Art competitions are most important as they give you motivation to excel and also give you global exposure.Winning for me is not so important as I believe that we are all on a journey in this world.
This painting is an abstract artwork which has symbolic meaning indicated with the choice of colours. And my signature style, I cannot let go of colours any time and so have selected many colours for the indication of various cultures.
This painting can be hung on any wall but will be more suitable for any office or home. It is sure to be a welcome piece for any living room and center of attention.
Magical- Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Magical by Rizwana Mundewadi

This is a painting done on oil sketch paper using oil paints. This is also one of the paintings that has been put up in the Emirates competition.
The theme given for this competition was modernism and my concept of Emirates was magical experience that they give the travelers. On thinking for many days and the whole month I came up with the concept and to include many aspects in one artwork and still be focused with a simple idea I thought of making the most important thing that would link Emirates , that is the sky. Then I wanted to include the whole universe which was impossible in one artwork, so I used my signature style of painting and put up some sacred shapes!
The painting depicts the sky and magical element of freedom in the universe. There is an unknown happiness and flow of movement in the artwork which is almost magical.
This painting can be hung on any wall and especially for children's bedroom as they love colours and fantasy. A very good motivational painting for high achievers and will go very well in any office or home.
The painting has been done using soothing colours and some darker shades to create the feelings of fantasy.
Opulence - painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Opulence by Rizwana Mundewadi

This is one of my latest paintings that I have done specially for an art competition.
The Emirates Competition for Future Artist is a wonderful opportunity for artists from all over the world to display their work for free. New artist get global exposure and it sure is a way to get international art reviews.
When I got the email this year I was excited and then began the journey of thoughts, processes and composition. The topics for the competition were unique just like the emirates!
Given here is a photograph of Opulence
 my first thought , and anybody who is mentioned opulence will say diamonds, gold, jewel , pearls , money!
I have linked opulence to spirituality and for me opulence is when a person has all the material possessions in the world but is sophisticated and his needs have become less. To come out of this rat race of money and live a life where you can do away with many things!
The painting opulence has been done on oil sketch paper and is a spiritual abstract painting.
I have specifically used French ultramarine blue, my favourite colour, for indicating royalty and richness. The colour red is symbolic of prosperity and fame, where as the colour green indicates growth and brown used for grounding energy of the individual.
The use of colour gold is very important and I have used it very sparingly to make an important point in this painting. With the progress of painting over the years my lines are disappearing and taking shape into square. Though they are still seen in my works as I cannot do without lines, they are so simple and yet make a dramatic statement in any artwork!
The painting has been termed as untitled as it is open to interpretation
Placement Tips- This is a very good painting and also a feng shui cure for many problems. Since the colours are fresh and bright and having red and green the south and south eats is the best place to hang this painting. A definite cure for fame and recognition and money problems this painting will brighten up any area of your home and will be an focal point in the living room. This will activate the south area and thus promote good luck and prosperity.   August 2011.

Happy Landscape Painting by Rizwana
Happy Landscape by Rizwana Mundewadi

This painting named as happy landscape is a fantasy artwork. Love and happiness in this painting can be felt by the viewer since I have used lots of pink colour in this landscape painting. Usually  I am not a landscape person and I usually paint symbolic abstract artworks. The thought to make a fantasy world , using children's colours, though the artwork does look a bit childish but I really enjoyed making this painting. The happy home with colourful walls, the smooth steps of the home and the water moving happily , all depict the immense happiness in this landscape painting.
I still love this painting and even now when I take a look at this artwork it transfers you to the same place of fantasy land.
Since there are no straight lines or hard strokes the painting seems to be flowing in an surreal atmosphere.Very good to hang in children's bedroom especially for the girl's bedroom and I am sure they will enjoy the lovely colours of this symbolic artwork. Also this is a painting done on paper and is small in size so very convenient for the children's bedroom.
Soul Mates Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Soul Mates by Rizwana Mundewadi

A painting done in abstract with the theme of love and soul mates. The deep universe is depicted and the hidden force which helps two soul mates to meet. This painting is very good to find true love and definitely works to get the right partner in life.
The colours used are harmonious and tend to move in a smooth circular flow. Since these abstract paintings are done very long back I do treasure them very much. It was hung in our home for long and is a very good painting for the bedroom area.
This is a simple symbolic artwork is done on paper using oil paints. The feelings of love and peace during making this artwork are felt by the viewer. This symbolic painting can be hung on any wall but especially for people who are suffering to find true love, or those who have not found true soul mate.

Painting of  Faith by  Rizwana Mundewadi
Faith by Rizwana Mundewadi

One of my very old works done on paper using oil paints. Abstract painting done on A4 size paper.
Faith cannot be described and this painting done in abstract  does represent faith by colours green. This artwork has been done using paints directly and going with the flow.
The best place to hang this artwork is in the living room where it can be viewed by all.

The colour green represents growth and progress whereas red and yellow indicate the fruits of faith.
A captivating artwork

Painting of Serenity by Rizwana Mundewadi
Painting of Serenity by Rizwana Mundewadi

Title: Serenity
Year: 2000
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 29x19 inches
Description: This is an landscape painting. Like every artist I too had my share of landscapes though a very few, and I moved on to making abstracts and symbolic artworks. The serene mountains and the calm water project peaceful feelings and the viewer is  drawn towards the present moment.Had a lot of reference photos for this artwork but was not moved by any. The feeling which any landscape gave me was incomplete. Then the idea of an oasis emerged, a place of serenity, a place which doe snot exist in reality! Since my aim of painting was to make happy paintings and leave the world a better place than I had found it , I progressed with this artwork without any reference. There are layers of paints and this photograph is not very clear. It in fact indicates that as my painting has emerged so has the landscape in this artwork.
Placement Suggestions: Basically this is an landscape work and can be hung on any wall as the theme is positive. This painting would be best for the east section of the living room or bedroom. The high rise mountains give strength for the weak hearted people and also soothe the nerves of people suffering from lot of stress. This painting would be suitable for the North East for people suffering from  anxiety and emotional problems, this will help healing and acceptance of one's self.
Basically this is an landscape painting and has universal appeal to all viewers, this can be hung on any place of the individual choice.
Painting of Emergence of Faith by  Rizwana Mundewadi

Emergence of Faith by Rizwana Mundewadi

Title: Emergence of Faith
Medium: Water colour on Paper.
Year: 2001
Size: 13x15 inches.
Description: This work is symbolic and abstract. Done using water colours the painting draws the viewer deep into meditation. It gives a serene feeling along with gradual emergence of faith.This artwork has come up by trying the techniques in watercolours. I used fully loaded brush and made many paintings using the same  strokes.The process was such enjoyable that paintings went on turning one after the other, and I had many artworks using water colours.Finally I stopped after getting tired and then again continued the same another day! This is one of the best among the many artworks. The year 2000 when I started painting and the next has gone by doing artworks using various techniques and styles of paintings, along with different mediums.I am very happy that I have developed my distinct artist's style over the span of more than  a decade. This painting of emergence of faith has a special place in my heart and also had displayed this in my home.
Placement Suggestions: This painting can be hung on any wall. As the dominant colour is green with a dull red on white background no specific details for placement have to be observed. The painting being a healing painting, will draw the viewer into a meditative mode and whenever I still observe it it sends positive vibes and definitely is a beautiful artwork since it has been done using strong positive strokes.Placing this painting on the living room wall or the bedroom wall would be good.
This artwork is , in itself is a whole lot, and a single artwork is sufficient to draw interest in the room.

Music Flowing by Rizwana Mundewadi
Painting of Music Flowing

Title - Music Flowing
Oil on Canvas
Year 2000
Size 30x40 inches
Description: This painting has the theme of music. The healer who is playing music for the betterment of the world. The long hair especially indicates the long journey of the healing artist. The spiritual tree under which the healer sits is blooming with happiness and showering love. The white veil shows many music instruments as a cover for encompassing all problems. A small colourful boat indicates the pleasant journey of the artist.
Since this is one of my very early artworks the composition and design has not been paid much attention on. The painting has been done in positive and happy mood and this also show the positive spirit. I apologize for the poor quality of this photograph, I am a very bad photographer , but still over the decade have improved quite a lot!
Placement Suggestions: Since this painting has music it can be placed on any wall. The colour red and black would be appropriate for hanging the work on the south wall. It promotes good luck, prosperity, peace and serenity. Due to the positive concept it will send positive vibes on which ever wall it is placed on.

Painting of Opportunities by Rizwana Mundewadi

Title: Opportunities
Size: 19x29 Inches
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2000.
Description: This is one of my earliest paintings. Very simple thought is projected here with many doors, fancy doors, creative doors, colorful doors. This is symbolic representation of opening of many different opportunities in an individual's life. Some are partially open, some slightly moved and the best door is totally and fully open. My life's journey also did get the right direction after this artwork and I am very possessive about his artwork.
I have been attracted to different materials with which doors are made and looking at interior decoration magazines would always find wood, metal and glass doors attractive. Having the white light emerging from behind the doors and the big open door indicates positive energy and also represents life as their are many opportunities for every individual and it is just a matter of choice and hard work to excel in any.
Placement Tips: well I did place it at the back of my front door , for drying. LOL just about any wall in your home. Best if you are in a business where you need other people and many outlets for expanding business, hanging this artwork on the south wall or north wall will help you get good business prospects and opportunities. This painting is also an motivational artwork as it is indicative of positive growth and progress.

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