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Monday, May 14, 2012

Practical Tips for Buying Paintings Online

Online buying has become very easy nowadays and with a click right from the interiors of your home you can purchase any painting that you like. Any artwork can be shipped to you without any hassles as any other thing that you purchase online. Shopping for paintings for your home or office is as easy as ordering for a pizza. There are few tips that will guide you for purchasing paintings online which I would like to mention here for the benefit of the buyers.
1) Any painting looks very good in the picture and you need to go through the details before finalizing any artwork for purchasing. The blue may be pink and the red may be an maroon so kindly clarify.
The size of paintings is very important to note as you will not be able to hang a very large painting on a small wall whereas too small a painting will go unnoticed on your big living room wall. So look carefully at the size of the painting in the details sections and measure the size accordingly with any other piece of furniture or object for understanding how big or small your painting will be.
2) Clarify whether the painting is framed or not and whether the pricing includes the price , here if the price has the frame costs included you can get a reduction from the total price of painting if you are going to make a customized frame.
3) Use a safe mode of payment, either through credit card or any other online payments options like PayPal, western union money transfer or any other mode you are familiar with.
4) Consider communicating with the artist and see whether you can understand their art because paintings are going to remain for long and it would not be good for buying something which you are not comfortable with. A good artist will try to understand your colour preferences, your religious and natural preferences as well as your cultural preferences before making you purchase any artwork.
This is especially with my symbolic artworks as I do not wish any person to not give respect to my symbols. These are very powerful symbols which need to be kept with respect.
5) Please do not buy art only for the sake of just buying for investment. I know art is the best form of investment now and people just inquire about known artists and continue the purchase even without looking at the paintings but it would be nice if you select the art according to your likes because a painting hung on your wall tells so much about you as an individual and a human being.
6) Do involve the whole family if possible in purchasing art online so that your daughter or son do not feel left out while selecting art for their childrens room.

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