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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Latest Uploaded Movies on You Tube -Healing Art

Now the journey continues with learning and trying out new techniques. The artist in me, the restless soul that keeps struggling, another new technique to learn and master. My baby steps in field of animation. This is just another way of presenting my healing art, one which will touch your soul and reach to all your senses. Hope you enjoy these movies.
 Never have I been satisfied with long explanations on art and paintings. It is impossible to make anyone understand about your painting in few minutes. Never mind if I don't sell, I will keep the respect and image of my healing symbols and never will the power fail.Healing art has been an important part of my paintings and this is something that can only be felt. A viewer might see a single stroke whereas another might write a thesis on the same!
Selling and describing your art is not easy and I have felt that however much you try to give your side of explanations the viewer must be able to connect to your ART. I have been moved by simple art and some paintings confuse me. To be frank landscapes sometimes become boring whereas some viewers are able to connect to some landscape emotionally. So if you do not know anything about art do view the paintings at least twice, you will understand them better.Not only will you get a good glimpse of the work done in the paintings, the symbols , the colours , the strokes, but also the effort and the intention of my healing paintings.
view this link on you tube to see some of my favorite works.
I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art.

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