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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting Period for New Artists

Many artists have and will give their lives for painting. Like any other career art is the most difficult in terms of returns both financially as well as in terms of job satisfaction. Wonder what would be the right period where any art sells for a new artist?
Here I wish to mention about original artists who slog and toil with art and paints and not the selected few who are ultra rich and get to display in prestigious galleries and also on top of that have a sold off show.
For any new artist first of all they do not know what sells. We artists are simple souls. We paint what we like and not what sells. But it would be advisable to keep in touch with the outside world.
By displaying in public art galleries an artist can see the public response, what people like and what sells. Usually religious paintings and landscapes rule the market. Later followed by still life and nature drawings. Abstracts are the last and most expensive ones, and also sometimes difficult to understand.
The trend is changing nowadays and every artist has to be aware of this. Also it would be great to develop your own artist style so that the buyers can relate to your art. Art galleries also tie up with certain best selling artists and display their works for free. Searching for opportunities to make visible your art would be the prime motto if the artist wishes to sell their artworks.
We often hear that such an such artists work sold off for this amount. When does this process begin? anytime. true maybe a family member or friend may buy a new work right from the easel and this kicks of the sale in your career. Displaying in galley can also yield returns if you are lucky and if your works are priced reasonably. Online art galleries also can give their share of sales thought he artist must keep in mind the percentage of share they demand. It is also good to find opportunities for social causes where the artworks are sold and a certain percentage of the proceeds goes to charity.

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