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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting to Exhibit Your Works

Every artist would like to exhibit their works and get public opinion and critics rating for their works. But due to art galleries becoming booked for many years and also their increasing costs for offering place for exhibition has become a deterrent to many artists. Many new artist are at a block when they find out the rates per week for exhibiting their works. being new, and without much resources and money they find this hampering the progress of their creativity. Many a artists have left doing painting for a better option of a job to earn their living.
I would like to suggest some guidance to such artists to keep the ball rolling.
Keep looking out for opportunities. Competitions, group shows, fairs, festivals, will give them the opportunity to exhibit their works for free or a nominal charge.
Try to keep in touch with other artist friend's. You never know when any opportunity will come up.
Try to be busy and keep painting simple. Maybe doodling, pencil sketches or even crayons. This will help you to be in touch with your creative side. I have painted my door and centre table! so much for creativity.
Visible in the art field. This is the most important one. If you can visit exhibitions  of other artists. They can guide you and also you may bump up with another artist who is searching for the same.
Visibility on the internet also will help you to become a known figure in the art field. Try to join as many art groups and online art galleries as possible. Networking sites are very good to get in touch with like minded individuals.
Inquire in various small galleries first to get the experience and later move on to bigger exposure.
Best places for any new artist is to display in public art galleries. Here they can see the response of common public and also in a short time become a well known name among masses.
There are also art curators who arrange for exhibitions who can help you in the same. As these personnel are trained and have an eye for creativity they can help in selecting artworks and also placement and display of your artworks.
An artist can also display in malls and department stores or shopping centers where they have the right kind of public who are interested in original art.
Try to do something to earn part time for your daily expenses. As we all know that art does not give immediate returns. Beginning cheap will help to get the ball rolling.

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