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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buying Art for Investment- Five Guidelines

Art is emerging as one of the best types of investment and many people are trying to tap the potential of art as an investment. When you are considering art purchase for investment purposes there are certain points you must consider before going in for the final purchase.
1) Why art? Think before you buy art for investment. Have you already invested in other means and have excess amount left for investment purposes which you wish to divert in art. Does your family love art and wish to purchase art for display in living room and other rooms. Here you need not worry much about the investment aspect since art is an asset which will appreciate over time.
2) How much budget you have for investment. Always keep a safe distance in your budget as during purchasing you may like another artwork that is slightly more priced and you may have to accommodate the remaining amount. This is the most important aspect in art investment as many have gone above the forbidden line in terms of art purchase. Better to see artworks from the lower range in pricing and then as you survey different artworks you may increase your budget slightly for a good artwork or painting.
3) Where to purchase art for investment is another important question you have to consider before buying art. It is better to buy art from a reputed art gallery or a well known online art broker since they have authentication certificates and all paper work regarding purchase of paintings is clear. And also there are better chances of you getting original artworks from them.
4) Always opt for original and signed artworks that have authentication certificates attached with the paintings. Any purchase of paintings whether they are for investment or not must have signature of the artist. Prints must be numbered and the edition also clearly stated. The signature of the artist is the only guarantee of the artworks appreciating in value over time.
5) Lastly and most genuinely consider buying a painting only when you like it. Remember you will have to live with the artwork for many years and buying art that you are  not comfortable viewing will only end up the artwork in your attic! It is okay to go in for purchase of art for investment but there is no harm to think about your choice of themes and colour preferences when buying any paintings.
Following the trend many people are going in for purchase of artworks. Displaying artworks have become a status symbol and people are hiring interior decorators and designers to purchase art that goes with their decor. keeping all this in mind one must never forget the aesthetic value of art. However good investment art is one of the most important benefits it gives is it allows your family to learn to appreciate art and in the long run, nature,and other beautiful things God has made. All this with the bonus of appreciating in value.

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