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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art of Framing

Frames form a very important part in the presentation and display of paintings. Be it home or office or even an art  gallery frames are an essential part in the aesthetics of the painting. As we consider paintings as  a form of art even framing is an art.
Many times when we see some works displayed we are forced to see the frames and how the artists has brought out the highlights of the paintings with appropriate frames. The paintings may be of landscape, symbolic,still life or portraits it doesn't matter, as frames are required fro every work. The most important skill of framing is to bring out the best from the painting. Many experienced framers have an eye for details and immediately guide the artist on which frames would be appropriate for their work.
Frames are available in many materials and so is the cost of framing. Wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, and even other natural materials can be used for framing. The most important aspect of framing is to see which part of the paintings to highlight and which can be let go of. The experienced framer selects the best presentable form of the work to the artists and also gives suggestions on how to preserve the frames to increase their shelf life.
Cost of frames varies upon the materials used and from which framer. Every framer has different quotations and an artist must inquire about the budget for framing as this also amounts to a substantial figure. The framers are also available online. having individual framing websites or attached to art galleries.

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