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Monday, April 18, 2016

Stuffed Animals Hunted Animals and Animal Heads Hung in House Symbolism and Feng Shui Energy

Stuffed animals, heads of victory ,w e used to see a lot of stuffed animals hung in rooms in olden homes where inmates were hunters or who loved to go hunting as a hobby. During the Victorian Era these became famous and almost very famous person hand animal heads hung in their living rooms. It was a symbol of triumph, a victory, a symbol of bravery and the hunters would boast about their prized heads. Stuffed animals actually look real and their faces have the same expression and emotions as a live one.
Many pet lovers also pay huge sums to preserve their pet bodies and use services of taxidermists to help preserve the bodies of their precious loved pets.
Then also many celebrities like to collect stuffed heads and animals and hang them in their living rooms as a great symbol of wealth and uniqueness. But never do they think about the energy these symbol emit.
Understanding the feng shui energy of stuffed animals- real animals hunted have the strongest shar energy. They have the energy of fear, confusion, anger, hatred, sickness and death.
lion head stuffed head 
Earlier stuffed animals were seen in every home as these were symbols of bravery. Most common heads seen in houses are of lion for its majestic mane and teeth, tiger for its ferocious stare, bear for hair and their eyes, eagle, vultures, elephants with tusks, reindeers for their unique antlers. Then there are cubs, peacocks, pigeons and doves.
Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting dead animals. Taxidermy can be done on all vertebrate species. fish, birds, mammals, reptiles,  amphibians. Tanning and Embalming animals to preserve them for many many years.
Really strong powerful shar energy comes from stuffed animals who have been hunted.
Imagine the situation of the hunter and the animal. The feelings,emotions, of ear, survival, trying to save its life, anger maybe rebelling, fear, death, very strong emotions and hardly good to live along with hone feng shui. However much you love these , hanging them in home is not a good choice.
It will definitely have effect on the minds of the inmates and especially the emotionally weaker sensitive one, or young ones in family will be affected fast. Do ask small children how they fear going in the room where there are stuffed animals. or they avoid going in dark to rooms where there are stuffed animal heads hung on walls.
If you love your animal heads try to hang them in personal spaces like study or any other room except living room. Especially avoid hanging animal heads near entrances pointing inside as they will trigger emotional wars, misunderstandings and quarrels among inmates.
Hanging stuffed animals in home space-
1) Avoid main entrances.
2) Avoid children and elders rooms
3) Avoid washroom areas
4) Avoid study rooms of children.
5) Avoid in relationship sector.
 Do take a look closely at the stuffed heads and animals. Look at their eyes, and share what you feel!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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