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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Healing Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms

Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms
Modern homes though larger  in  total area have specifically designed area rooms for every detailed requirements. In today's modern homes with smaller sized rooms choosing art become son task as large sized paintings may not always go very well with your decor.
Then the over powering presence of one large artwork in a small room may over shadow your all unique decor elements added to your rooms.
For some small pieces click very well as they choose colorful artworks and add unique frames to them. With modern framing options small artworks are finding special places in modern decor with interior decorators as these are affordable and they also do not over shadow the elements of design by  interior decorators.
Modern Feng shui art for small size rooms

Colorful Purification 6x8 Inches acrylic on canvas board
Beautiful small Healing symbolic feng shui artworks can highlight small spaces with energy and color.
Corners and specific areas can be decorated with small artworks that will beautify your space.
Dining areas, study areas, gym areas, lounge, home theater entertainment areas, children s play areas and many more areas that may have smaller space allotted like your home office can be beautified with smaller pieces of affordable healing art.
All the Best from Rizwana!
The painting displayed here is "Colorful Purification"size 6x8 Inches very good feng shui painting for dining areas , children's room and home office. Reiki symbol for purification and protection and bringing in peace happiness and harmony .
"Abundance" is a powerful symbol to attract good luck. If you like any of my artworks please contact on
You can also connect with me on Face book, linked in and Twitter!

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