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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meaning and Symbolism of the Reiki Seichem Midas Star Symbol in healing Paintings

Reiki Seichem most rarest and precious symbols is The Midas Star. Healing art and paintings with reiki symbols for the purpose of spreading healing around the globe this Reiki Seichem symbol is another way to spread positivity good luck and harmony around.
Observing stars in the night, mid night and early dawn brings new discoveries and as I love to watch the quiet sky, and the abundance of stars on a clear night it has been often said by healers that the core star of each individual lies in the sky, you have to connect to this star and see the mysteries of life unfold , giving new meaning to your life, your life purpose.
The painting "Midas Star" has come upon with amalgamation with knowledge of feng shui and Reiki to make a beautiful colorful simple painting.
As the name suggests our first thought will of course be of the famous tale of the Midas Touch, the touch of gold. As often many times I have mentioned  the Symbols itself have no meaning or healing powers, it is the intent of the sender, healer,  and the receiver , healee that makes us heal.
Midas Star is a powerful symbol to attract all forms of luck and prosperity.  This does not mean only wealth and money, the symbol is used by healers to attract all energies that benefit in over all life issues.
The Midas Star symbol Healing Art " Abundance" by Rizwana
The symbol for affluence, The Midas Star, and wealth, not just money, but, as money is the way to many successes and also a means path for achievement our goals.  Most of  the things in life we  need to do  are surely affected by wealth and power.
Feng shui  symbolism of the  colors and shapes , following the element theory and the corresponding shapes for each element, their feng shui colors makes this healing painting very colorful and bright.Sacred shapes and symbols  form an important part  of healing paintings.
Gaining access to the universal power of healing symbols makes one open to receive and give healing and love towards self and others.
The writing of this Reiki Seichem symbol begins from one stroke and continues to completion.  Beginning always from below and moving upwards, the movement for success. The inter connection of lines forming this beautiful symbol itself is an healing process, and try it, it is difficult to make when your personal energies are not in balance.

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...
I wish to make simple, colorful, understandable art, Art that heals.
you can buy paintings from my website shipping is free.


  1. Do we need to be attuned to this symbol in order to use it?

  2. Hi Sush , yes trained Reiki Masters use this and the symbols have been put up in art with my intentions and Reiki energy.
    The viewer can experience the healing energies , as of the intent of the healing artist.
    Hope this helps! God Bless from Rizwana! Please visit my website for more healing art!

  3. Yes there is a need for attunement. Some Reiki masters do it at the time of attunement for karuna Reiki or seichem Reiki but most do not. You can ask your Reiki guru and get specific attunement for it. Please read this site for free attunement thanks


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