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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love Reiki healing Symbolic Healing Art for Love Happiness and Romance Luck Feng Shui Bedroom paintings

Love Reiki healing Symbolic Healing Art for Love Happiness and Romance Luck.
Reiki energy a form of pure love from the universe is a way of connecting to our true core self. feng shui cures when used in proper directions can attract strong energy to invite marital luck in life. Then also those singles who are struggling with matrimony proposals and not finding the right mate can benefit immensely by feng shui simple cures and healing art.
How does this work for you? Symbols and feng shui healing cures along with sound therapy, attract a certain wavelength of energy that is missing in your body and chakras and you are not tuned to this thus bringing about a lack in your life.
Beautiful Love by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
However much you try the proposals do not complete and finalize. Check you bedroom areas and maybe in indirect form you are attracting singles energy by having a single bed, single side table and a single vase or single bird painting. in bedroom we always advice to have all things in pair, this gives the message to the universe that two people are staying in this space.
For the married ones it is love and understanding required to maintain a healthy happy marital relationship. Then feng shui and Reiki healing  also helps to avoid misunderstanding and another external entry into the couples life.
Symbols help us to be at peace and bring the body temperatures to a well adjusted level. Viewing symbols with positive intentions helps to attract the required energy into your life. This may work in many different ways, that which is best for you.
Love also is for self and acceptance that helps individuals tyo be at peace with themselves. Irritability, frustration anger are symptoms of people who have not accepted themselves and are not at peace with their soul. Reiki helps to connect to the universal love energy bringing about happiness and peace.
check out my latest painting in pair, "Romantic Expressions" Designer Hearts
All the Best from Rizwana!

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