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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy valentine 'Pink Roses in Vase' Painting Oil, 2002

Wishing everyone a very happy Valentine day, may all those in search of true love get  soul mates and the ones looking out for true friends get soul friends,  and the ones looking out for some great real fun enjoy today!
A great option for gifting a memorable gift this love season would be a floral painting,as real flowers wither over time, the artwork will remain for ever keeping the emotions alive. Floral paintings can  be displayed in any room or office and they enliven the environment with positive energy.
The Roses in vase a beautiful painting I love especially because of rose flowers in vase, the painting has come out great.And the time when there were no rose plants in my garden, the longing has led me to have a whole lot of variety and colors in rose plants, bushes and climbers. As i now enjoy the full bloomed bushes of fragrant roses this painting  done on oil sketch paper of pink roses will always have a special place in my heart,
here is this beautiful Pink Roses of love painting,  for viewing and buying my paintings visit my website

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