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Friday, February 2, 2018

Artists Studios Why I love My Little space and How to Make Your Own Studio

It is  a dream to have a large studio and make large sized canvas paintings. Till no the largest I have painted is 50x60 inches. Artists have a difficult time doing paintings without spilling some around. Since the past seventeen years I have been painting from my home studio, my home works as an inspiration and it actually is more of an art gallery with all walls covered by my artworks. Here the lobby or basement does come in hand. If you can spare a corner also , that works good for the beginning years to demarcate this area as your studio space. A beautiful studio can be developed using the basement area which once used as a dumping ground.
My little space, my studio, home for my art!
Cleaning thoroughly the basement and arranging the stacked goods and furniture is the first step towards creating space. Cleaning the clutter, that which has not been used for more than five years according to Feng Shuii has built up of negative energies and this hinders the progress of an individual. This time planning to get more organized with my artists studio, by getting some wooden shelves made for arranging canvases that are framed and the rolls, Oh so many rolls! Then there are plenty of small paper artworks and drawings , brushes and art materials in makeshift tables or stands helps as a first step to begin ones artist career. 
One of the most important factors I am considering is lightning. As most times I find it difficult to understand the colors that I have mixed, and painted, also finding it difficult to photograph my art , so I have  found a correct place in our home, where the sunlight drops in from our terrace garden it is natural light which brings out best photographs of my artworks. Added some lighting fixtures also as they  form a very important factor in making art. Most of the basements and dark corners you may choose for studio are gloomy so it is advisable to get the correct form of lighting fixture attached. If you are lucky you may have an air vent or small window if not it is advisable to fit an exhaust fan to keep the air purified.

The oils Paints emit fumes and also need air for drying so it is important to have good lighting and ventilation in the home studio or basement studio. Keeping fresh flowers and plants helps to make the environment clean and lively. The bamboo plant is supposed to be very lucky and requires very little maintenance. Connecting the phone line helps the artist to get contacts and orders for art works. Where will you place your phone- try this feng shuii tip- place it in north west and see your business soar! Curtains and upholstery items can be colorful to avoid the gloomy feeling of the basement artists studio. I prefer abstract bold colors as there are the chances of spilling,splashing,  dropping paints so often! 
See that your artists studio reflects your art and your aim. While you make landscapes see that you have landscapes displayed , at least a few to show that you are a plen air landscape  artist. While you paint geometry , your studio must  be an example of modern shapes in all forms. start small, whatever you can make space, even a small table does, to keep your art and materials. as you make sales you can move to larger spaces. many artists also have shared studios so that they can pay the rent. I prefer working alone, but, yes, the terrace garden is a boon , it gives that fresh nature along with space for my inspiration and  my art! But I hardly have my easel there, there is so much to look around, my bird friends and my plants, so I take to small corners and tight spaces that help restrict my thoughts and opens my inner mind to produce pure soulful art. I paint alone, for hours, without taking note of time and hunger. So here in this state no one is allowed!You will have to find out and accept your creativity and how best it flows and make a studio such. If you love photos as inspiration stick those on the walls of your artists studio, if you  love music playing while painting , see that you have a music player in. I prefer silence and to paint alone. 
You will find me making art in living room as it is large sized, so large canvasses are better tackled here. then my studio is where most art is made,.
A ritual I follow, till I get a studio, is every item I remove all art materials and paints and display it in a pattern which helps me to  access anything easily. So my notebook where I write notes,,make designs, ideas, is always with me as also brushes, rulers, paints , rags, but yet, I do rush for any objects to the kitchen while making abstracts. It is always a process of happiness, with positive intentions. 
What I have never done, and you can do, open your studio for visitors. Yes, this one action can bring you immense business , everyday sales also if selling your art is your aim. And finally do put up a name plate at the entrance of the basement to define your work area where your rules work!
This message is very important if you want to focus on your art career. Unless you have a defined space and a regular studio you may earn little but will not go far in your art career! and well, yes,, in today's times you need a website of your own, that is what I have noticed, you have so many artists from around the globe, you need your studio online, your space on the web, a home for your art online, 
think about this!
Meanwhile it is the season of Love with Valentines Day just round the corner and you will love hearts and over flowing hearts do check out my collections on my website and also read this carefully!
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Like ,share comment for the love of symbolism! If you would like advice on setting up your studio with feng shuii tips do email me, I would be really happy to help! all emails are answered free, they have been since past many years  and will be continued free! The happy emails of success are what makes this worth for me!It is between me and the Universe!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!
All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2018 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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