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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Selection of Kale Green Decor and paintings 7 Important Tips Greenery Pantone Colour Spring Season Symbolism

Kale is an Awesum shade of Green that connects us to nature and yet is with a strong presence. With Pantone coming up with Spring Summer Trends 2017 as Greenery  being the dominating colour, it is soon going to spread like wild in almost every aspect from room decor to fashion, apparels to art!
A Very Happy New Year to Each one of You, from razarts,  and a Fantastic 2017 Ahead!
Breath of fresh air, Oxygen and Refreshing , Greenery, brings emotions and feelings of Nature, plants and flowers to our mind. Going deep it also takes us to nostalgic moments of past incidences related with the color green. maybe a trip amidst greenery, mountains, bringing happiness or a special fragrant lily flower gifted to you by unexpected friend, or the soothing green grass at a funeral place. All in all green is an Awesum Feng Shui color that attracts growth , prosperity, fame, good luck and is symbolic of Wealth and abundance luck.
Tibetan mantra razarts

Reiki symbol Art razarts

Colour has immense visual effects on viewers and has a strong symbolism and power to influence and change your thought processes. Green is a everyday colour as we are so used to see greenery and nature everyday. From simple grass to plants  and Amazing contrasts from flowering plants and ornamental plants we learn that green is not just green, it has immense possibilities and options.
Greenery can be in so many shades and hues, today taking up the most beautiful colour, not so vibrant, looks subdued but has an aura of sophistication and style, kale! kale is a green, a darker version of  green and opposite of fluorescent green. It can be a combination of greens , usually seen as sap green. The colour is a darker version, yet has a beautiful look and is not very dull  if the shade is chosen judiciously. More towards earthy nature and energy Kale has a Yin energy that dominates. Symbolizing intellect, wisdom and knowledge. Kale can be mesmerizing, mystical, magical, and draws you within.
1)Kale is more of a grayish subdued green. Choose the shade carefully with the one you connect. Appropriately balance yang energy if you are choosing Kale as wall colour.
2) Some darker shades of kale can be used as highlights in decor but if you are going for complete room wall colour choose the shade of kale that is not too dark as this will make the space appear smaller, dull, low in energy and also sometimes depressing, bringing about less will to work or do any activity.
3) Be very careful while choosing Kale as room wall colour in some chronic diseases of kidney failure, and mental emotional health issue disorders. while green does heal the toned down and Yin energy kale can sometimes trigger depressions and feelings of low self esteem. It would be better to and highlights of energy in form of colored artifact, art and knick knacks.
4) Pink, Purple, orange, white and Blue are some colours that will go very well with the energy of kale.
5) Kale is one of the Best feng shui colours as it represents money. Currency Notes are found in this beautiful colour. Activate wealth sector with kale!
6) Use kale colour for Yoga, therapy and mediation rooms and avoid this color in large expanses for corporate meeting and creative discussions rooms.
7) Balance, spring, happiness, nature, growth, a treat for the Anahata chakra, heart. Adding up some gemstones, in green! Emerald and jade, two beautiful stones  Kale coloured, Raw stones look so trendy with modern decor and can be displayed in pairs in the south west for healing Heart and relationships. Awesum trendy Center tables, chairs and pottery can be seen in this beautiful colour, kale!

Refreshing Blessings Feng Shui Art

Zen Art

Tibetan mantra paintings

Music Paintings

Cubism Guitarist (Sold) 

Modern Healing art

Floral Art

Art for walls that are in this beautiful colour,  kale, can be a pop of colour contrasts for  energy  or subdued. Feng Shui  depends upon the activity of that room. Spiritual meditation rooms can do  with modern minimalist wall art , kale is a soft soothing colour for the soul.
Aum Symbol Spiritual Paintings
You can add up glamour and vibrant energy artworks for the fame and reconsecration sector and Kale is best according to feng shui for east and south east walls as the dominant element here is wood. nature, greenery.
As also the colour of healing the heart chakra, no wonder we feel relaxed and at peace when we observe green!
Choosing Paintings with dominating colour kale-
1) Size, don't choose too large abstract paintings with dominating colour kale as it sometimes brings depressive energy.
2) Always choose paintings that have some popping Yang energy colors also to balance the Notan.
Happiness paintings
3) Kale in North is not such a good energy from feng shui. Add up blues and pastels for harmony.
4) Kale walls and kale art can only go well when there are some other colours to balance the energy of the space.
Abstract Paintings
5) Sophistication and strength, kale loves Gold and white,  it activates the energy of any space.
Abstract Paintings Green Living Room

6) Avoid Kale coloured artworks for artists studios and corporate meeting rooms where walls are also in green colour. Too much darker grayish  green can bring a pulling down energy. It draws the viewer within and takes you to another realm, sometimes loses focus of the present.
7) Kale coloured large sized paintings in a darker shade can look gloomy sometimes and also bring feelings and emotions of fear and envy, confusion.Also especially if people have had past incidences of facing fear and envy greed, food poisoning experiences in past.
Welcoming the New Year 2017 with Awesumness of greenery, Pantone colour of the year 2017
Rizwana Mundewadi wishing You All the Best! Have a Great New Year Ahead!
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