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Monday, July 11, 2016

Choose your words carefully! Calligraphy the Art of Words, Interesting stories in Trujetter inflight magazine July August 2016

Monsoon Splendour Cover of Trujetter July August 2016 inflight magazine
Up above, high in the sky, when the gadgets are silent, inflight magazines bring and interesting read. Not only do inflight magazines keep you engaged but also with beautiful photographs add up to some new information and knowledge that goes right to your brain!
Inflight magazines have become quite popular among readers and advertisers as they give an undisturbed undivided attention of the readers. Not only are there product advertisements but they also have loads of great tips and vacation destination ideas.
The latest issue of Trujetter July August 2016 is again an eclectic mix of travel destinations, cuisine, fashion, jewelry, and filmy gyan.
An Awesum Welcome page by Sudha Reddy, the Group Director of Trujet Airlines greets you as you go on a journey of an interesting read!and of course the minimalist strong symbolism of the attractive cover! triggers curiosity and keeps you pretty occupied for your trip in the air!
Calligraphy a beautiful art of writing words, my words in print, in this bimonthly issue of Trijetter July August 2016.
Art of Words in Trujetter July August 2016

Tibtetan bells with Scripts Calligraphy

My words in print! inflight Magazine Trujetter

Materials for calligraphy article on Art of words 
There is always a spurt of fresh energy, not to mention I am obsessed over my canvasses as if there are no materials I just go ahead and repaint some old ones! some new paints , papers, canvases added , little by little as I buy with my budget , new paints, immense happiness, the best feelings to open fresh cans of paints an to smell the fresh canvas, heavenly! continue the Journey of The Red Pilgrim...making healing art..going about making larger than life, large sized paintings. Golden Energies Classic Black white Golden Acrylic Paintings.
My New Paint Art materials Awesum Happiness! Raz!
Calligraphy is an art and has gone tremendous changes. from the traditional writings to the latest computer digital scripts, Beautiful words and calligraphy art when displayed on your walls, brings out great positive energy. Words are recognized as clear symbols and connect directly to the brain.Choose positive motivational and languages and words that you love in your wall art.
Words affect the mind and we hardly realize how important they are, tapping into the hidden power of word art! Scientifically proved that what you see, daily, visual impact, affects your brain and thought processes, unknowingly the brain begins to attract the same situations, now good or bad depends upon what you view, surround yourself with symbols of love, health, happiness, love, prosperity, abundance!
Bring words in your life and see your life change!experience the power of words!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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