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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Heart of Love Reiki symbolic healing painting with our new love Alexandrine parakeet, Blood Donation Camp

new friend alexandrine bird from paradise
With Alexandrine bird from paradise, the one we had has been caught since past eight months , still no news from her, this one had been stranded on a top floor of a house , people who did not wish to keep him, so here he is, learning to fly, eat healthy, bathe, and of course scream!!!he loves to be pampered!
borrowed cage for the new arrival till he is trained out

enjoying the view from the window sitting on a wooden perch
 The bestest feeling ever, when he flew the top of our buildings and took six to eight rounds and landed, he even answered my calls with whistles,
chameli creeper in full swing, fragrant flowers
 another very heavenly fragrant plant, chameli, jasmine , white flowers in full swung this year, fully loaded with fragrance in the rains! I did not pluck any, as  I do not apply any hair floral decorations, and also flowers live better on plants and for longer time.,
After reading a piece,  Buddha had mentioned that he saw the plant bleed  after plucking a flower, so just do not pluck when there is no need
chameli jasmine flowering plant healthy blooms

enjoying fresh vegetables

white fragrant flowers on the chameli bel

Blood donation Camp on 15th August 2013

doing my very very little bit, first time attended a blood donation camp, feels great!

Every year with the rains I would paint like  wild, this year am focussing the energy, as  thoughts take round and round somersaults in my mind, with sufism and healing, along with happiness maybe some artwork in line.  do not know what and when as the canvas lies still., my hands are full with caring for birds!
This painting with the color of love, pink, a soothing healing color of love and compassion, pink paintings rule the heart and somehow make the environment more friendly , open and comfortable.
While I had painted strokes as waves , love waves in pink first, the image of heart, symbolic of love and compassion was  enough, but the symbols used, Chinese symbols, simple,  give another meaning to the artwork, it is better to understand the energy of the painting and also symbols itself guide and direct the brain to produce positive energy, and as each viewer views the artwork, they themselves are the creators of their positive energy , 
Soul mates with true love, a connection with the universal life force, not just romantic love but universal love for nature and the universe.I have always understood that love is a more wider, much deeper and of different level emotion. Never limit this to physical or romantic love.
This symbolic painting is done on oil    sketch paper using oil paints in the year 2012.
Heart of Love,   symbolic reiki healing painting on paper
A very good feng shui painting for attracting positive energy in love and marital life as well as  family relationships and to attract the right partner, display in the bedroom south west wall  for best healing  results.  Pink color symbolism is since ages a representation of love and compassion.
Spiritual love, romantic love,  and the love for universe,
"spread positivity and love around", sit for a while, think, focus energy of love and send this gift to the people around, the people you care for, the people you love, thee plants, the pets, the universe, try it, it works! be then , prepared for the showering of gifts from the universe, many many folds.
All the Best! Best of Luck, Take Care and God Bless!

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