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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Art of Glazing in Painting How to use Glazing Technique in Paintings

How to use glazing techniques in painting. Glazing is a technique of laying transparent layers of paints one over the other considering the effects they produce to the viewers eye. Usually glazing is done using transparent colors and not opaque colors in oils as the effect of glazing is only seen after many layers of thin paint.
Glazing was in fact a protective layer on the painting by applying thin light brown varnish to form an protective cover for the precious oil on canvas paintings.
Color field painting has been on my mind for many years but never tried this technique. Laying of paints in thick texture was  very important to me as for this I have chosen oils over any other medium. Water color, thin, transparent has never come out good for me and the few works that I have done earlier are the only proof that I have tried even this medium, water color.
Glazing is not easy especially of you  don't have patience, it takes time, a lot of time. Patiently thinning the paint with thinner  or dissolver and waiting for every layer to dry off.
Colors like yellow when painted over with prussian blue give a lovely beautiful green. A simple lesson for every person who has studied art but for me a new discovery, a process of beauty. The newness of each color, each stroke, innocent strokes bring out immense feelings of happiness. Glazing can also help to give a shine to your artworks when used as thin layer over the painting.
Color study is essential for glazing as to understand the effects of each color over the other.

Few simple tips on glazing-
It is very important that glazing requires very thin paint,  but not too thin that the color looks muddy.
Let the layers of paint dry off well before next coat other wise the previous layer of paint will get mixed with the new layer of paint and form muddy color.
Study color well before selecting for glazing art technique in painting. Understand how the effect to the eye each paint will give on reflecting of light if you want a specific effect.
For creative results you can glaze only few parts of painting and leave the rest try it looks great. Can layer  on some parts with glaze and leave the rest with original color.
An after thought, if this does not work use the canvas by repainting over it, enjoy the process of glazing!

                                                Rainbow Healing Stone Abstract Symbolic Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
As I continue to use Reiki Golden Symbols for purification also the Yin Yang symbol for balance and harmony  forms the central core of the concept. The painting has dried well as with orange background the concept again of healing stones. Amethysts purple, blue topaz, pink rose quartz, green emerald and jade stones, the fascination never ends , another artwork on healing stones.The concept of rainbow colors in healing stone, the effects on the psyche,  using vibrant colors, (now wherever you see tons of color on paintings you remember me) Glazing,  has given a new look to this piece of art and transparency was never so beautiful. Enjoy!
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...
I wish to make simple colorful, understandable art, art that heals.
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