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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Important Feng Shui for Artists and Painters How to boost your artists career using feng shui

Important feng shui rules for artists for prosperity shared here in this post.
 How to boost your artists career using feng shui. Artists career graphs shoots from extreme highs to extreme lows, sometimes when you have a successful show you are glad you did it, and when not so good you wonder who started this.
Myth number one, artists are a rich lot!Artists career is not like any other career where you get the pay check at the end of every month.  People who are earning lots have given their life for this, and you will too, there are no mistakes or accidents in natures law, there are only lessons to be learned. Success  is proportionate to the efforts you put in , the years of toiling behind the canvas, the resources used up in paints, the extra cash saved for another artwork, the time and energy you have put up for your artist career, every bit matters.
Feng shui helps to balance energies in yourself and your environment, bringing about happiness, success and prosperity.
Clean up the mess, artists, yes hardly do we  realize how much clutter accumulates over the years as being an artist. This just does not mean only that your studio is cleaned daily by a servant and looks spic and span from  the front. usually hindrances in career come  from hidden mess clutter. This may be hidden in closet, hidden in form of old unsold paintings or even in your mind as emotional clutter.
Paintings can be arranged and stacked neatly after every few months or years to assess the amount you have and their condition. You may also  improve the old works by adding a few strokes here and here giving new life to the unsold artworks.  This really helps.
One important thing which every artists needs is to have a record of their artworks. Now I know this is very difficult especially if you have many paintings, but this is the first step towards success, note down according to size,  or year of paintings, or according to price, use any criteria but have a strong hold on your total  number of paintings, this will be helpful when you want to sell your artworks or present for booking a gallery.
When you sell paintings do keep a record of price and note down the address and telephone numbers of your art collectors, this usually helps in the long run, as say senior artists.

Feng shui your studio for inviting good luck and wealth luck,  keeping in mind to maintain your creativity level. Respect your tools as a surgeon respect and keeps his tools, your brushes and paints, canvas and the place where you paint, the laptop or computer used for uploading works online, the art galleries representing your works, how ever busy you are,  once in a while do clean up everything in your studio.
Finally break the myths and mind blocks that artists need  to have an image of sickly poor starving people!  Artists need to break the  mind set that they need to make art to sell, make art with your heart and soul and you will get the results.
Telephone, emails and personal artist websites must be updated regularly to welcome prosperity and feng shui wealth.
One great painting to attract wealth and prosperity  luck is  Welcoming Grace , you can buy this painting from my website

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