Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Udaipur City Palace Jaipur Rajasthan Tourism City a Full Treat For Art Lovers!

A treat for all art lovers, traditional, folk, music, heritage, culture, cuisine, and art! Fully loaded with its beautiful architectural history and Amazing palaces and lakes is the city of Udaipur , Ajmer,  Jaipur. No wonder it is referred to as the pink city and the city of lakes! From gardens to Moghul architectural monuments palaces and hotels, the place has a strong culture and history and you will find time short to really appreciate the beauty of the places if you go with a tour! Do take a guide, it is only then that you will be able to fully appreciate the true beauty oft he lakes, forts and palaces!
Architectural Marvel ! Glass! City palace Udaipur!
The details, the carvings, the paintings, you are Awestruck with the art and heritage culture of the city. Each one unique and made with loads of love, detailing and of course with costliest materials imported from abroad ,..and that too at those times , the kings sure knew how to appreciate art and the love for their queens is prominent in the palaces with the beautiful ancient glass structures and monuments. Two of my Best places, Sanjay museum, a privately owned museum with original texts, hand paintings, art and has loads of original cultural objects preserved, mesmerizing paintings, truly one of the "must visit once at least in your life place" for every artist, was so blessed to meet the owner, the art collector who has with his passions and dedication maintained the museum that over looks the beautiful lake and Jal Mahal. Not only is he so passionate about his collection he sure has an eye for real art and this is what a true collector looks like! The best collection of Jaipur Udaipur, Rajasthan history and art.
Owner art Collector of Sanjay Museum

City Palace is another most Awesumest place, a museum loaded with art and heritage antiques! 
My favourite Pots! I have made so many paintings in my pot collection, this one looks so good! At City palace Udaipur

puppet show

Hawa mahal a place of original heritage Rajasthan

City Palace hotel 

Dal Bati Churma traditional dish of Rajasthan

View from City Palace

The Camel buggy ride, a must enjoy in the dessert city Rajasthan

Sufi saint shrine at Taragad Fort

City palace Udaipur

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Gulab Baug Udaipur

City palace

City palace

Udaipur Heritage

ceramics displayed at city palace

Antique pots

Antique pots

Antique sculptures


Silver at City palace

Silver Antiques at City palace Udaipur

Silver bowls City Palace Udaipur Rajasthan


City Palace Udaipur

View from City palace Udaipur

stained glass windows City Palace


Antique Fan

Must visit for every artist! Jaipur Udaipur Rajasthan!
Thank you universe, a much deserved family vacation and a treat for my artist senses! Surely must visit again! on my wish list is main city of Rajasthan , the white dessert Rann of Kutch! From the lovely antique jewellery, to the cultural outfits, dresses, and lots of shopping! All in All Good!
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bossy Dominating and Early Risers!!! How does this Rooster Cure work? Symbolism in Feng Shuii | Rizwana A.Mundewadi's Razarts

Bossy Dominating and Early Risers!!! How does this Rooster Cure work? Symbolism in Feng Shuii | Rizwana A.Mundewadi's Razarts

Check these great practical workable effective Feng shuii Rooster cure tips! One of the strongest and effective feng shuii cures for activating fame and recognition sector !
Absolutely fresh! Nautical Luck Collection

Absolutely Fresh! Spiritual Glamour Collection

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Choose Carefully Heart Shaped Abstracts and Why heart paintings will not bring love

Hearts in paintings, such an emotional subject that brings happiness and love emotions, well, not always such a good feng shuii!. Why do these heart subjects paintings and heart shapes in artworks not work their charm or magic in your love life? have you thought about this?  
Infinity Symbol painting Soul Mates

Happy Heart

The answer is wrong choice of Feng Shuii love, heart paintings.
Buying Heart as a subject in art , paintings Carefully check these-
1) Full and complete energy. See that the hearts painted in the love paintings are complete. 
2) You may love abstracts but be careful with love paintings. See that the backgrounds are not cloudy and stormy, it attracts storms in relationships. 
3) The scene and landscape may be attractive but take care to see that the hearts do not have other people in the paintings, this brings third person entry in relationships. 
4) Oh yes, who would not want to own a couple walking in rain painting! While the most romantic paintings of couples have rains and storms with couple walking with umbrella choose these artworks carefully. It may represent storms and rains, always in your relationships. which is not such a good feng shuii as you will always feel the task uphill to keep the love alive. 
5)  Fire in any form in paintings is better to be avoided just like storms and rains. Because fire as it represents fire of love emotions, but when hung in wrong places can attract destruction and lead to ashes in relationships. So when you buy hearts on fire, it literally puts your hearts on fire, and may not always be good energy for you both.
6) Strong symbolism is usually depicted by contrasts and what more than grey to contrast red hearts in a painting! Just check this- Dried trees, leafless trees and barren mountains as backgrounds for heart shaped paintings are seriously bad feng shuii. The relationship always seems to attract hurdles and trials and it becomes difficult to maintain the love for long when such paintings are gifted or displayed in your space. 
7) Bedroom energy feng shui is always to have things in pairs. If possible please buy pair of paintings for bedrooms, painting with pairs as subjects. This also symbolizes love energy. So better avoid the lonely heart or stabbed heart with knife and bleeding hearts in paintings
8) If there are two hearts in one painting do not buy this in pairs as it will make four hearts/ people that is not good for bedroom feng shuii.  Heart shaped paintings are best for bedrooms and relationship sectors.
9) Infinity symbols with hearts. this is another Awesum symbol to depict love and usually the symbol unites hearts and brings love and happiness. Do check that the infinity symbol is connected and not broken along with the hearts. Gaps in this symbol leads to leaking energy in relationships.
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why it is important to Buy original art from a reputed online art gallery

Online art galleries are flourishing as people are buying art online. Right from cheaper art prints to affordable new artists artworks and even established precious collectors loved art pieces, all original art is available online. 
Reliability of the art gallery - again a very important point to consider before buying paintings online. It is advisable to purchase paintings from a reputed and well known art gallery. Here you buy original artworks and also get authentication certificates signed and dated by the artist.
Latest Dream Infinity Collection

Other sources may sell artworks at a cheaper rate but you may also be at a risk of purchasing an fake artwork, which may at first seem like a really good bargain, but if you had wanted a real original piece, than you are at a loss! as you pay much more value for the fake, copy of the painting.
You also have a buy back guarantee in case you are not satisfied by the art with a reputed online art gallery and their sales procedures are clear and on paper. .
Most of the times what is happening is also that you purchase an artwork for a lower price and then when you receive it is is a blurred not such a good quality art print. Do check what you are buying...the price will be according to this. whether it is an art print, canvas print, gallery wrapped canvas, framed or not framed, original painting on paper or canvas so that you are prepared and know what you pay for and what you get. 
With a reputed established online art gallery they have a team of assistant curators who help you, guide you and suggest artworks according to your tastes ,budget and decor.
Buying original art is costly hence it is better to be cautious as you are going to spend money and also would want the art you love. Do give a check on the web for art galleries that have a wide range of artworks from around the globe and also those that have consistently completed art sales over past many years. 
Remember buying art online is one happy experience, I read with so much excitement my art buyers emails on sending a painting who wait impatiently to receive their bundles of joy from art sales through a gallery! make this a happy experience and check Visit my Saatchiart Portfolio on one of the Largest and World Famous Online Art Gallery for the paintings you buy online! 
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Pink wall Symbolism How to use Colour Pink in Feng shui Where to avoid Pink

Pink Healing Art 

Love, happiness and relationship sector in feng shui can be easily activated by colours and what better than to choose the best colour representing love, PINK! Pink wall, Pink Art, Pink decor all in a way helps to activate the bedroom feng shui and is also trendy. Pink is seen in so many shades and hues and what one sees today in latest decor trends is a lot of rose pink and fluorescent pinks are making way into every home in some way or other.
Love Pink Wall
Symbolism of Pink wall-
Of course it is great! Pink is the colour that brings love and healing energy. Rose quartz is the stone that helps heal the heart chakra and thus pink in any form brings in beautiful romance and love energy. Pink has come into modern decor from being chosen the Pantone colour of the year 2016 along with Serenity and since then has never left its place and is seen in many forms especially alls and wall art.
Modern Pink Healing art
For best feng shui energy if you are not so much in love with complete pink rooms and pink walls make a single pink wall with beautiful pink art. Choose here the corresponding  feng shui sector following the Ba Gua elements theory, south west, this will activate marital luck, marital happiness, improved relationships and at ease with females. Especially for working females that are leaders , on top positions  this sector helps to bring in lots of love and happiness along with respect at home and work.
Pink Healing Art Wall
Strongest energy that will help bring in peace, harmony and happiness. Pink walls are so beautiful and always a focal point in any home and also will draw a lot of attention as great conversation pieces !
Having pink walls and pink art , go according to your personal tastes and preferences. No doubt the colour never lets you down but yet it is well advised to be grounded with this colour. It is ok as not all can fall in love with shocking fuchsias and fluorescent pinks! You can choose pale rose , rose gold, baby pinks, blush pinks, and different shades and hues in pinks. Go with your likes and if you have white walls you can add up pinks in form of wall art. Frames too, modern contemporary painting frames can be added in rose gold.
Pink Wall Modern Pink wall
Pink colour helps heal the heart chakra. It brings acceptance, confidence and love. Bringing energy of self acceptance and love, thus it helps heal all relationships. No, I am not saying all becomes hunky dory, but you learn to accept yourself and others, that is quite a change for harmony and peace!
Feng Shui main entrances are where I always advise to work with extra precaution. Any wrong choices with feng shui cures can affect adversely the home energy. Usually if the main door falls in south west, this is tricky. Avoid full pink main doors. Usually the main door feng shui needs strength and firmness energy. Where pink is soothing and soft we need a lot of strength for main doors and having pink doors also affects the females of the house, taking lead in all aspects, , becoming more dominating and this may affect the harmony at home. Even if the sole earner is female I would suggest you paint the main door with other feng shui colours for this sector and add up pink in form of crystals or things in pairs to activate pink feng shui.
Pink Frame 
Pink is a beautiful colour and always will keep its place in modern and contemporary d├ęcors and pink walls will never be out of fashion! Go ahead , make some pink walls, add some pink art and activate the Awesum Pink Feng Shui!
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Modern Abstract Healing Art Wall
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Art brings happiness, interest, excitement and magic in your lives, add up some original art and make your home spaces happy energy spaces! 
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How to Fill Large Space with original Art Try these 5 Practical Simple Tips

Large expanses of spaces, empty spaces, be it huge living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms , meditation yoga rooms, music rooms, or any room. Then we also see huge corporate towers that have immensely large reception areas and lobby's or dining areas, meeting conference rooms. Choosing art becomes trickier and is a major decision.  for large spaces it is very important to select colors that make the place appear attractive as well as large, maybe also bring warmth along with serving the purpose of the room functioning. 
Exalted Circles Limited Collection

My Flag of Happiness the Power of Hundred

Most important  the base walls color of the  original area. Most spaces are white and this seems like an open fantasy space for any interior decorator since all colours go well against white. But you may also have lighter hues of colours like lime greens, creams, pinks and blues, lilacs and creamish. Baby soft shades of all colours give a visual illusion of more space and people who do not like white walls go in for subdued counterparts. It is important to see the  colour  as  art has  to be with it , blend or shook, and it has to make us feel comfortable. Selecting light coloured paintings for light walls  just for space illusion is not advisable as the person staying has to feel comfortable with it. 
If all walls are painted with a single color and not many highlighting accessories then you get free hand to choose art. If the aim is to create more space select paintings that are light, upholstery must be light weight and also accessories can be limited to one highlight like a good painting on one wall.
Large spaces are challenging to fill up as original art is costly and it is such a beautiful obsession that you cannot stop to have more! How to Fill Large Space with original Art Try these  5 Practical Simple Tips 
1) Choose a single large painting, that has the power and energy to draw attention and also improve the aesthetics of any space. This is what most people love as single original artworks have a special type of energy, connectivity and charm. Buying  large sized canvas paintings from new artists can make the purchase affordable. Famous artist's works too are happiness life long, so it is well worth to invest in that single large piece of Awesum artwork! A single Large painting can fill up entire walls, or majority of the available wall.
Perfection in Octad
2) Try different combinations in display! Choose Medium sized painting and smaller ones to form a wall collage of original artworks.  You can choose few , lucky number artworks and hang them in a beautiful sequence or pattern to make an impressionable display of art. 
3) What if you can't afford many originals in art? art, many art buyers go in for the single large sized originals artwork, because that is what draws the viewers at first glance.. then the side area of remaining spaces on the wall can be filled up with smaller , lesser priced paintings or maybe prints of the same artist's artworks that will bring the art into your lives and also not crunch your budget.
Enjoy, art, add up some original art, see your visions, creativity and thoughts improve and jump start your senses!  
4) Try painting the background space with contrasting colour and then hang smaller artworks, try it, this works! 
True Blue a pair of old  year 2008 Cubism Paintings
5) So many modern decor trends, you can also create a textured wall and hang  smaller sized collection of original artworks. This will nto only highlight the paintings but also give the appearance fo rarity to your precious wall art. 
Blue Gemstone of Goodluck
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Do Full Aesthetic Justice to Your wall Art By proper Placement If your painting is Small or Large here are some practical Tips

Just saw a beautiful wall painting, loved it but could not get a proper view, it was embarrassing to go closer to look at it so...the art was not done full justice! The beauty and charm of the painting some where got lost due to the frame being hung on a higher level .
Art is an special aesthetic experience. It involves all our senses and once the viewer is engrossed in the art, the artist has achieved their aim. But many a times we cannot do justice to a painting and just brush away quickly past it without even giving it a second glance. Sometimes we may have to bend lower, move our head, or lean over the sofa to get a clear view of the details of the painting. Thus we lose interest. Hence it is very important to recognize that placement of paintings is also one of the important aspects in the success of a work.
The Celadon Limited Collection
Chocolatey Bon Bons of Happiness

Happiness art
Buying painting according to our taste is just one of the aspects of art, and displaying it is another. Purchase has been done but we end up with a large work or sometimes a much smaller work for our wall. 
1)  it is important to select the area for display, the wall color and also the other accessories displayed in the room so that they do not clash with the work before purchase of a piece of art. 
2) If the work has to be hung in the living room consider the height of the sofa set or the other seating arrangements. Too low and it may touch the back of the one seated and will not give a good view. Too high and the viewer may lose interest if they have to stretch much. 
3) For displaying paintings in passages and other rooms consider the usage and what age groups of people are staying there. Children's room having paintings must be at a height where they cannot tamper with the works and also strongly tied and secure with strong thread or twines. Offices which have huge paintings need to be at a level where people passing from there can see the works at eye level. Other wise if hung too high they may pass away without even having a glimpse of the displayed works.
4) Do check the height of display , try out options, sometimes I have seen an artwork loves a corner instead of a centre, and looks happy! 
5) If you need to hang the painting at eye level to do justice to the work of art, try to avoid sharp furniture pieces near your precious art. 

6) Avoid other objects that will take away the attention for your art. Basically choose colours in upholstery and decor that will not mismatch with your wall art.

The level of hanging paintings can make or mar the aesthetic experience given by a painting. Best would be to check the size before purchasing art. One can try placing the work of art at different levels and find the suitable best height for display. There is no hard and fast rule for displaying it all depends on individual tastes and preferences.
What if you end up with a large artwork or a smaller one!
1) If there is space in the room, then go ahead and hang that single large painting! It will look great, avoid all other accessories and show pieces or knick knacks to avoid clutter in the room. Yup, A wall to wall artwork is quite a style statement! 
2) If the painting is small, try to add up some more art alongside to make a beautiful arty wall!
Art brings happiness, interest, excitement and magic in your lives ,add up some original art and make your home spaces happy energy spaces! 
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