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Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Make Collage and Paintings at Home

When we think of collages and paintings tour mind brings forth the picture of famous artists and artworks, and yes also their high cost, immediately the thought passes away and we purchase some other thing fro decorating our walls. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a personalized wall collage or painting and that too in very less cost. You are the owner of your house and what better way to decorate your wall that to have a part of you on the wall!
Go ahead and buy some water colours or oil paints, some paper and some rags (very important for the first timer doing painting). You can use brushes for making drawings and colouring by using any reference picture or photograph. If you are not that good with brushes then go about using bottle lids, container lids, sponge pieces, vegetables (lady finger and potatoes are the best) coins, leaves and other objects. Apply colour on the back of these and do stamp painting and viola! You have an original artwork ready. Try to use flowers and nature as reference if you have a love for nature and if this doesn’t work out good you can always hang it as abstract art! Paint geometric shapes which fall, in the contemporary arty category. Colour these shapes in attractive colours to get beautiful artworks. Try to paint jugs, cups and other objects around your house and make a frame for this artwork and hang it on your wall.
If you are not very good and also do not wish to spend much then go in for making a collage. Magazines and other pictures can be seen and few attractive pictures can be cut out to be used for this collage. Even materials and cloth that are of different colours can be used. Buy glue or fevicol that is of good quality to keep all your cuttings in place. Display an arrangement of all the cuttings on a board or any hard surface to be as base for the collage. See the best display arrangement that looks appealing and attractive and then go about sticking the pieces of the cuttings. One can make beautiful scenes, flowers and even abstract artworks using the technique of collage making.
Another simple and effective way to make a personalized collage would be to use your family album. Instead of displaying many frames of individual members of the family one can select few photos and cut the pictures of members in different shapes taking care to keep the face intact. Arrange all these cuttings according to a theme or age group wise or hierarchy. Stick the best arrangement which has visual impact. Then you can either frame it or cover it with transparent gelatine paper and stick it on a hard board. Another good idea would be to select a poster of a hill station or a celebration as background and then paste the photographs of your family members on it. This will give the collage a body and help to link all the photos as one picture. Try to select similar sized pictures if you wish to make a collage with an backdrop, lest you have a baby looking big and a grandpa looking small!
Hang this personalized collage and enjoy the feeling of making an original artwork. Making such simple artworks will not only make you the center of attention and welcome praises from all but also help you save money on buying costly wall hangings for your walls.

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